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Tuesday, December 26, 2023

For a better 2024 for Nigerians at home, in the Diaspora...this must be done now!

or a better Nigeria, where we would be forgiven of our sins, and live a life of a better tomorrow, God has spoken again, and I would implore everyone that comes across this divine message to observe and act accordingly for a prosperous 2024 for Nigerians, at home and those in the Diaspora.” 

These were the words of a gospel Act, Oluwashola Mamora, now a United Kingdom-based. 

According to the information he shared with this medium, that reads as follows; 

I give thanks to the Highest God for preserving us and our nation, shielding us from the clutches of the ultimate destroyer as the malefic energy against our country is not joking. The official broadcast of this message began approximately seven years ago when I received profound revelations from God through the Holy Spirit regarding Nigeria.

Regrettably, I have been negligent to this call over the past seven years. Recently, I received a stern warning from God, causing me restless nights. God emphasized that Nigeria has been granted salvation and a way out from the captivity of of Satanic manipulations.

I plead to Nigerians, let’s call for God’s intervention in one voice, one spirit & a one-day Prayer and Fasting. This one-day Spiritual exercise must be observed the same day at home and those in the Diaspora.

The exercise shall commence on the 31st of December starting from 12:00 am to 3:00pm of the same day. Hourly prayers shall be observed at individual or household decisions.

Our prayer point goes thus:

1) Forgiveness of sins in all Ramifications.

2) Divine Protection upon all Nigerian citizens worldwide.

3) Divine Peace and God's Governance.

Going by the direction of God Almighty, This Patriotic Spiritual Exercise Shall be tagged “LET OUR PEACE BE STILL” x3

This exercise, if observed with humility, love, and wholeheartedness, shall bring God's favourable and merciful eyes brightly focused upon Nigeria and our land shall be revived again.

I am deeply concerned about the foreseen alarming rates of bloodshed, poverty, and challenges that surpass human capacity. God, being merciful, is ready to avert these negativities if we seek Him earnestly.

I implore Religious Leaders, Traditional Rulers, and all influential Persons in their strong offices to humbly approach the Creator on this day, extending this message to their denominations and followers globally. This is a call beyond any individual, Religion, Tribe, Group, or sector. It is our call as a nation and one strong family.


The most brilliant economic system cannot solve Nigeria's problems.

A leader of our choice cannot solve our problems.

The best citizen with the highest integrity cannot solve our problems.

The most effective strategies to tackle corruption cannot solve our problems.

Tribal and religious separations cannot. As a matter of fact, it will automatically compound to another unrest, if not civil war.

When malefic energy is at work, only connecting to a higher power, wisdom, and authority (Almighty God) is the best option to consider.

After the prayer and fasting, let's give alms, render help to the needy, express gratitude to God at our respective places of worship, and leave the rest to the able hands of God.

I pray: that Nigeria shall recover her greatness, blessings, and fortune in multiple folds. Amen.

God bless Nigeria. Amen.


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