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Thursday, September 30, 2021

Yomi Fabiyi Blows Hot As Haters Go After Him On Forensic Report

Popular Actor, Yomi Fabiyi has task the general public especially those that were quoting the forensic report submitted by Anike Ajayi Kayode, a forensic expert out of context to exercise patient while court takes its full responsibility on the ongoing case.

Fabiyi in a post said, "I still don't understand why people are abusing, cursing and tagging me on forensic expert witness.
"Nothing said by the forensic expert that has not been said before guys. Please kindly allow the court do their work.
"While I respect the expertise of the witness from the NGO, please don't quote her out of context or engage in social media trial. Nigerians deserve better.

"She was invited by the prosecution as witness. Please get what she said in court yesterday clearly, she never said she has or did forensic evidence like: finger print, test, doctor's report etc to CORROBORATE what happened seven years ago or indict or link the suspect. She ONLY said she interviewed the victim and as forensic expert that is "forensic interview".

"Educate yourself on court proceedings guys. Moreso, this witness(forensic expert) has not even been cross examined. Let the court do their work and stop hurling abuses or attack. Rape, Molestation, Child Abuse of any form etc are serious crimes and justice must be served if anyone is found wanting. It is the law. I will never support any of these crimes. LEARN TO THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX.

"I will never REGRET standing, fighting for what is right, Human Rights and FAIR TRIAL. It is crucial to peace, development and justice in any society.

"Please let us wait for completion of trial and judge's verdict before taking definite positions. Trust in the judiciary. Justice for all. Thank you." He concluded.

Yomi Fabiyi, an Actor, Human Rights Ambassador, and the founder, Break The Silence Foundation.

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