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Thursday, September 30, 2021

Cross-Border Pastoral Mobility: Kebbi, Niger, Benin Republic mull resources to modernize pastoralism, fisheries

Cross-Border Pastoral Mobility: Kebbi, By Ismail Bayo, Birnin Kebbi

Kebbi State Government, Benin and Niger Republics are to mull resources to modernize pastoralism and fisheries in their respective countries.

Bagudu, who is the Vice Chairman of Nigeria's National Food Security Council at the closing of the one week tripartite meeting on Cross-Border Pastoral Mobility among the regions of Dosso in Niger Republic, Alibori in Benin Republic and Kebbi State in Nigeria said by doing so, the three countries will become more socio-economically prosperous, with multiplier effects in the economies of West Africa and Africa in general.

He said "If the investments are increased, the three countries will be self sufficient in milk production and even export same product. It was sequel to the low investments in the sub sector compared to others that we are still importing milk". 

Bagudu said pastoralism was a centuries old noble profession but is currently being tainted with criminality. He urged that there is the need to distinguish the noble profession from the heinous activities of criminals.

On his own, Barrister Adeniyi Adedoyin, Deputy Director , Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development said three main activities have been slated for the Pastoral Week. " The first is the sensitization and training session for magistrates and law enforcement agencies, the second is the consultation session for farmers' and pastoralist organizations. The third is the high-level dialogue session involving the political authorities of the three regions.

He maintained that the results of this first session show the need for the creation of a permanent local cross-border consultation framework between the State of Kebbi, the region of Dosso and the Department of Alibori with at least one annual high-level meeting.

And the conclusion of specific bi or multilateral agreements on the management of cross-border pastoral mobility among the three countries.

Dr. Paul Ouedraogo, the Deputy Executive Secretary of the Permanent Inter State Committee for the Control of Drought in the Sahel commended the effort of Governor Bagudu on issues concerning pastoralism.

He advised the governor to establish what he called enlightenment team of ECOWAS nationalities including Niger and Benin Republics and indigenes of Kebbi State to change the negative perception about pastoralism in the sub-region.

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