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Wednesday, May 29, 2024

QUEENS PALM Support Initiative Hosts KING’S CONFERENCE in Lagos

It was all delight on the 25th of May 2024, as Sabrina Ozma hosted a landmark conference at Elomaz Hotel in Maryland, Lagos. Themed “QUEENS PALM SUPPORT INITIATIVE: KING’S CONFERENCE,” the event drew an array of honorable guests and distinguished speakers, including Ayoola Jolayemi, Ayorinde Adebello, Oluwafemi Oyewunmi, and Hon. Lanre Oyegbola. Panelists at the conference featured Tolu Aduradola, Afolabi Anibaba, and Ayo Obayemi.

Sabrina, the event’s convener who was full of joy at the successful outing informed the press, that “this won’t be the last event of its kind. Soon, there will be a men’s (KINGS) masterclass for six weeks, completely free of charge.”

Her announcement reflects a firm commitment to fostering inclusive learning opportunities, ensuring that both men and women have access to valuable resources for personal and professional growth. This initiative underscores Sabrina’s dedication to education and empowerment, signaling a proactive approach to addressing gender disparities by providing equitable opportunities for skill development and enrichment.

During a chat with the press, Ayoola Jolayemi, a distinguished communication expert, emphasized the paramount importance of effective communication in all areas of life, including within our homes. He highlighted that truly listening to others is a vital component of meaningful communication. “When someone needs your time and attention, it is crucial to set aside other distractions and be fully present. By doing so, we demonstrate respect and care, fostering stronger, more understanding relationships.”

Ayoola’s insights serve as a reminder that good communication is foundational to building trust and connection, both in personal and professional settings.

Hon. Lanre Oyegbola, the keynote speaker, discussed “Leadership Skills and Development,” a topic he has spent a lifetime exploring and embodying. He concluded his speech by emphasizing the importance of continuous self-development: “Leadership is not a destination but a journey. It requires constant learning and adaptation. By developing our skills and embracing our roles with dedication and humility, we can become the leaders our world desperately needs,” he said.

On his own part, Mr. Oluwafemi Oyewunmi, a financial expert, spoke about how the youths can grow and not wait for the government. He said, “I believe strongly that we have human capacity. If you look at our population, you will find that the average age of a Nigerian is that of a Gen Z, which is an issue for our prosperity.

Saying, “People need to have the right knowledge and be equipped early enough, not just with formal education but with the capacity to discover themselves. The world itself is saturated and looking for new solutions, and I believe those solutions are with our generation. If they are exposed to the right education, the opportunities are endless.”

“One of the good things that has happened to us is the success around the internet, but the internet should be used in the right direction. While people are corrupted on the internet too, if we use it to expose ourselves to more opportunities for knowledge or to find ways to make money, our young people, with their energy to learn, can discover solutions for the world.”

Ayorinde Adebello, the convener of the He Conference and She Conference, spoke about how the QUEENS PALM SUPPORT INITIATIVE: KING’S CONFERENCE will impact the lives of men. He said, “This program is to help men realize that there’s so much they can be and there’s so much they can do. I believe this is a positive step in the right direction to help men understand that society values them and needs them.”

Tolu Aduradola also commented, “QUEENS PALM SUPPORT INITIATIVE has done something very interesting by setting up an intervention that addresses men. I think the more men focus on themselves and their entire well-being, spiritually and physically, health-wise, mental well-being, the better family unit, the better marriages, society and our world at large.”

Joshua Eze, a special guest at the event, added, “QUEENS PALM SUPPORT INITIATIVE: KING’S CONFERENCE will help motivate men who find it difficult to be who they want to be, who they want to become, and how to stand on their own.”


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