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Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Primate Ayodele To Build Bakery, Subsidize Price Of Bread For Church Members

The Leader Of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Primate Elijah Ayodele has revealed his plans to build a bakery for the purpose of tackling economic hardship within his church and its environs.

The man of God who is known for his massive philanthropic activities made it known that he will subsidize the price of bread for his church members and the populace of the community where his church is located.

This is to celebrate his 2024 thanksgiving programme tagged ’21 days of Unlimited praise’ which began on 29th Of January and will end on Sunday, 18th Of February, 2024.

It is worthy of note that Bread, being an essential commodity is gradually becoming unaffordable for the common man due to the economic situation of the country that has affected the price of every commodity in the country, therefore, Primate Ayodele’s initiative to build a bakery will no doubt bring succor to the difficult situation faced by those that will benefit.

The man of God explained further that he has imported sophisticated machines in order to serve the people as he recognizes that there is an urgent need to help Nigerians since the government has failed to render a solution to the economic turmoil.

‘’I am delving into bread production in order to bring succor to the people in the midst of this economic hardship. There is serious hunger in the land and it’s very sad that the government isn’t showing any concern for the people. The palliative measures were all fraud because it didn’t reach most places, they embezzled the money and this shows how irresponsible some of our elected officials are.’’

The man of God noted that he can’t keep on looking at people dying of hunger without offering any help no matter how little it is and this informed his decision to go into bread production.

‘’If the government doesn’t do anything, we can’t keep looking at people dying of hunger without rendering the little help we can afford. It’s sad that a common commodity like bread has become unaffordable by the ordinary citizen. It has never been this bad and we can’t keep complaining, we have to do what we can do.’’

‘’Therefore, in addition to the other things I have done and still doing, I am delving into bread production in order to provide for the people at a very subsidized rate. It is not for profit making or business purposes, it’s just a venture to help people around me.’’

Several activities have been queued for Primate Ayodele’s 2024 annual thanksgiving programme and as usual, they are philanthropic in nature. Since it began, the man of God has visited schools to offer financial assistance, hospitals to clear bills, homes of church members to offer assistance, police stations to offer spiritual counsel, to mention a few. It has also been announced that another edition of Palliative Market where goods are sold for ridiculous prices would be happening on Wednesday, 14th Of February 2024 at Primate Ayodele’s church, still in celebration of his annual thanksgiving programme.

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