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Monday, October 16, 2023

Sule Adio Atawewe, Fuji Star With A Heart Of Gold...

By Taofik Afolabi
Lagos based Journalist 

Alhaji Sulaiman Adio famously known as Atawewe or Etu Fuji is a phenomenon and a great force to reckon with in the music industry, having distinguished himself among his peers.

The dance-hall singer and Abeokuta born mercurial artiste have successfully  carved a niche for himself, courtesy of his dexterity in his chosen career. His vast knowledge in music has rendered him dear to the heart of many Fuji lovers both home and abroad, no wonder he was honoured with 'Etu' title (King Maker of Fuji Kingdom) by late Fuji creator, Late Dr. Sikiru Ayinde Barrister of blessed memory.

Despite his colossal and gigantic weight as a successful Fuji singer, Akile Fuji has uncommon attitude that I think other Fuji singers should learn from him. 

As an entertainment writer, I have known Mr. Spirit over a decade and hitherto the handsome dude has never changed his phone number. This act is not common among the celebrities, some of them change their phone numbers the way nursing mothers change their babies' diapers. As a journalist, I have access to him with the same phone number he gave me 10 years ago. 

Secondly, Mr Ronaldo, as his teeming fans called him is a Fuji giant that encourages the young ones to fly. He's not among the 'Akuko gagara ti ko fe ki kekere ko'. I have watched severally how he encouraged a teenage Fuji singer known as Agba Awo. The young lad has performed severally at Atawewe Sunday school show, the young boy was not only allowed to use his talent on Atawewe's stage but also motivated financially.
I believe that if other top Fuji singers encourage the upcoming ones as Atawewe does, this genre of music will become more vibrant and produce more talents yearly.

In conclusion, I will like to implore other top music acts to take a leaf from Atawewe's book, make yourselves accessible and encourage new talents. Ire o

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