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Monday, October 16, 2023

Land Dispute Legal Battle: Mr. Ibile Accuses Lagos Taskforce Chairman of Misconduct and Landgrabbing

In an escalating legal confrontation, the Chairman of Harmony Gardens and Estates Development Limited, Mr. Ibile, whose full name is Hon. Saheed Mosadoluwa, has leveled allegations of misconduct and land grabbing against Lagos State Task Force Chairman, CSP Ishola Jejeloye. This ongoing land dispute revolves around the contentious Eyin-Osa resettlement, pitting Mr. Ibile against Murphy Adebare Topaz, Nola Adetola of Itunu Veritasi, and CSP Ishola Jejeloye, who are alleged to be using their influence and authority to secure land fraudulently.

Mr. Ibile's representatives have accused Jejeloye of misconduct and the abuse of his office in the ongoing dispute. They have challenged Jejeloye to recuse himself from the Abomiti, Yegunda, and Eyin-Osa cases investigations, stating that both Jejeloye and CP Idowu Owohunwa are allegedly involved in supporting notorious land grabbers like Murphy Adebare of Topaz Gardens, Nola Adetola of Itunu Veritasi, and Surveyor Olusegun Awokoya. These land grabbers are believed to be using force, illegal occupation, and fraudulent sales through Itunu Veritasi Homes and Properties Limited to unlawfully claim land.

The legal dispute has now attracted the attention of Lagos State Government, particularly the Ministry of Justice, where Mr. Ibile's legal team has brought the case to the forefront by notifying the Attorney-General's office of the alleged abuse of public office for malicious prosecution against CSP Ishola Jejeloye.

Mr. Ibile's legal team has pointed to various instances where Jejeloye has filed multiple charges against Mr. Ibile without conclusive investigations or legal advice from the Director of Public Prosecution. These actions, they argued, have caused confusion and tension, raising concerns about possible police-communal clashes.

The case is under scrutiny by Lagos State authorities, who are expected to review the charges and assess their validity. Mr. Ibile and his legal team are determined to defend their client's rights and property, signaling that this legal battle is far from over.

The coming weeks will shed more light on the future of this dispute, with Mr. Ibile's commitment to protect his investment and property while demanding a fair and just resolution. Any potential land buyers are advised to exercise caution, as the situation remains legally complex and may involve lengthy litigations.

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