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Thursday, October 12, 2023

OPU Summit:Aare Gani Adams, Idi, Aregbeshola, others seek better approach for Agric sector in S/West

Aare Onakakanfo of Yoruba land, Iba  Gani Abiodun Ige Adams, Consul General; His Excellency, Andrew Nengak Idi, Professor Aregbeshola
R.Adewale and Professor Francis Bayo Lewu were among  prominent guests that spoke at this year's edition of  Oodua Progressive Union African Summit in South Africa.

The summit,organized by the South African chapter of the OPU was the best platform for all the guests to put a number of pressing issues in proper perspective.

In his opening remarks, Iba Adams, who is also the Global Convener of OPU said the Yoruba diaspora organization is presently in 98 countries in the world,adding that the organization is determined to reposition the trajectory of Yoruba race,for it to take its pride of place among the races in the world.

The Yoruba generalissimo stated also that efforts being made by the OPU in the last twelve years have been the major signposts for the various achievements recorded in Yoruba history.

He maintained also that OPU will continue to be at the vanguard of projecting the Yoruba and ensure peace and unity across the land.

"Over the years,OPU summits had provided better opportunities for us to think and reason together as a family. Each of the summit take us a step closer to fulfilling the dreams of our organization.

"As we gather here today, I am happy that things are taking good shape in South Africa.South Africa is the land of hope and possibilities.
"OPU has the opportunity to explore the country's potential and build a strong network.

"Here in South Africa, there is an abundant human and material resources that are available for us to leverage on in our determination to strengthen the bond of Yoruba race.

"Therefore,it is our determination to make lasting impression in the minds of the coming generations. As we forge ahead,we shall achieve  that by the special grace of the almighty God.No matter the obstacles on our way, no matter the challenges placed on our path, no matter what they do to distract us, we will remain focus and steadfast in our drive to sustain the ideals of the Yoruba race".

His excellency, Andrew Nengak Idi,
who stood in for the Nigerian ambassador to South Africa spoke on the need to promote unity and peace in Nigeria.

He said the future of Nigeria is bright if all the states and ethnic nationalities that make up the country work together to ensure that peace reigns supreme in Nigeria.

Speaking on the topic titled:
"Understanding the Agricultural value chain among the Yoruba",Prof
Adewale,from the Department of  International Business and Development Economics,University of South Africa,said agriculture is the oldest profession on earth.

He stated also that for the Yoruba to explore the potentials of the soil, there is need for the Yoruba  to optimally manage its resources.

"Yoruba is a blessed race.You cannot quantify the blessings of humanity,land, resources, capacity and value bestowed on Yoruba race.But it is baffling when the people of the race with such huge potentials are wallowing in pain occasioned by ignorance, neglect, poverty and lack.

"The missing links are lack of good managers and poor management. 
The Yoruba needs to understand how to drive both human, material and capital resources towards fulfilling and achieving its goal.

"When the value chain is smooth, the business prospers.So,the best approach is for us to address the hindrances that hold us back and come up with something that is workable and enduring.

Also speaking,Professor Francis Bayo Lewu from the Department of Agriculture, Faculty of Applied Sciences,Cape Peninsula, University of Technology, South Africa said the Yoruba is well known for the  rich culture, tradition and heritage.

He added that the Yoruba culture is entrenched in very amiable diversity maintaining that that is the reason for the enduring  values and ethos of Omoluabi that the Yoruba are reknowned for.

"It is interestingly to note that  Yoruba culture and tradition has gone beyond the shores of Africa and in the Caribbean countries.That is why Yoruba language is officially recognized in one state of the United States of America.

"Yoruba people are established in Europe, American and immigrants across the world. Yoruba people love coaster area.When you go to Brazil, you marvel at the way the Brazilian hold dear to Yoruba culture and our religion.

"You see the Brazilian worshipping Ogun and other deities.That is a strong source of pride to us as a race.Yoruba are very strong in the production of different sculptures and beads.The Yoruba is destined to be among the leading races in the world and with the role played by OPU,I have a strong conviction that Yoruba will continue to be the pride of the black race.
Expressing his appreciation,South African coordinator,Otunba Kayode Orenisi also known as Kaymoney,
said he was delighted by the turn out of guests and members of the OPU at the summit.

He urged members to remain committed to the ideals of the organization, insisting that the global convener of OPU,Iba Gani Abiodun Ige Adams is the model for the diaspora organization and has been the torchbearer of the success of OPU in all the 98 countries where the organization is located.

Apart from all members of OPU in 
South Africa,other guests that were present at the summit include two members of the Aareonakakanfo -Chiefs -In-Council,the Atoloye Aareonakakanfo of Yoruba land, Chief Babajide Tanimowo, Bareejiro Aareonakakanfo of Yoruba land, Chief Dauda Asikolaiye,Prince Adedapo Adesanmi and African Union Coordinator, Otunba  Segun Ogunpitan among others.

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