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Thursday, September 28, 2023

How Babatunde Gbadamosi Paid Alleged Defamatory Expert, Adeyinka Igbinoba To Defame Mr Ibile Exposed In A Leaked WhatsApp Chats

Amid a deluge of allegations and accusations, Hon. Saheed Mosadoluwa, popularly known as Ibile and the CEO of Harmony Gardens and Estates Development Ltd., is witnessing an outpouring of support from various quarters. This groundswell of support is based on the mounting evidence and facts surrounding his endeavors against land grabbing. The allegations against him originated from a land transaction dispute that has taken a bewildering turn, revealing a potential smear campaign orchestrated by individuals in the land grabbing business who sees him as a thorn in their side.

In 2021, a lady who claimed to be a Lawyer and Journalist, operating under the name AIG Media Pro and identified as Adeyinka Igbinoba, made headlines with allegations that she had been defrauded of ₦30 million, assaulted, and her leg broken during a contentious land transaction involving her siblings and one of Hon. Saheed Mosadoluwa's companies. At that time, Mr. Ibile vehemently denied these allegations. He asserted that Babatunde Olalere Gbadamosi (BOG), the ex-husband of the Amen Estate owner, Folasade Balogun, had engaged an alleged defamation expert, Adeyinka Igbinoba, to frame him. This, he claimed, was done in collusion with certain senior police officers to implicate him on trumped-up charges.

Mr. Ibile, as he is affectionately called, unveiled a voice note detailing how Babatunde Olalere Gbadamosi had enlisted the services of both Adeyinka Igbinoba and Olukemi Olunloyo to launch a media offensive aimed at inciting public sentiment against him. He also leaked a series of evidences to bolster his claims. Among these, he presented evidence of Gbadamosi's alleged discussions with some senior police officers in Abuja, wherein they purportedly conspired to have Saheed and Folasade Balogun arrested. This plot, according to Mr. Ibile, was driven by Gbadamosi's resentment towards him for defending Folasade Balogun's property at Redbrick home.
An investigation report dated 17/08/2022, with reference number CR: 3000/X/FHQ/ABJ/SWAT/T.A'/VOL.64/, revealed that Saheed did not defraud Adeyinka Igbinoba. The Lagos State land bureau confirmed the legitimacy of the land sold by Mr. Saheed's company, completely with its Certificate of Occupancy (C of O). This contradicted Adeyinka's claims that Saheed Ibile's company had sold land with a forged C of O to her, which she alleged had triggered her aggressive actions at Saheed's office. The photographs of her injured legs were also scrutinized, revealing that they pertained to surgical procedures. The conclusions drawn from the police investigation report reaffirmed the assertion that Adeyinka was a defamation expert engaged by BOG to carry out cyberbullying and frame Mr. Ibile.
Recent leaked WhatsApp messages between Babatunde Olalere Gbadamosi and Aigmediaprotv, ostensibly owned by Olayinka Igbinoba, lend further credence to Mr. Ibile's defense. These conversations suggests that Mr. Gbadamosi contracted Olayinka Igbinoba, the alleged defamation expert, to engage influencers, bloggers, and journalists to campaign against Hon. Saheed Mosadoluwa on Twitter and other platforms. In a startling revelation, Mr. Ganab, an individual involved in the matter, confessed to how Adeyinka Igbinoba connected Murphy Adebare Topaz, who is claimed to have hired an alleged renowned assassin named Samsudeen Oluwo. Their plans purportedly involved assassinating Saheed Mosadoluwa and attempting to influence CP Owohunwa to reopen a concluded case, a request that was declined.
These revelations have stirred a fierce debate about the veracity of the accusations leveled against Hon. Saheed Mosadoluwa. Many are now scrutinizing the motives behind these allegations. Some argued that the leaked chats substantiates Mr. Ibile's defense and suggests that the accusations were part of a deliberate, but ultimately unsuccessful, ploy by Adeyinka Igbinoba and Babatunde Olalere Gbadamosi (BOG) to tarnish his image. They aimed to frame him with trumped-up charges to gain access to Folasade Balogun's property.

In addition to these revelations, a separate development involving a meeting between Mr. Ibile and CSP Jejeloye, acting on the directives of CP Idowu Owohunwa, the Lagos State Police Commissioner, has raised suspicions. In the leaked WhatsApp chats, Gbadamosi and Adeyinka missinterpreted this meeting as evidence of Mr. Ibile having paid a ₦15 million bribe to the Lagos State Police Commissioner. This purported payment was meant to secure his protection against arrest, especially in response to the social media campaigns led by Adeyinka Igbinoba, Murphy Adebare, and Babatunde Gbadamosi BOG. Mr. Saheed, however, maintained that BOG and Adeyinka were attempting to blackmail CP Idowu into compliance.
Given these revelations, supporters of Hon. Saheed Mosadoluwa are demanding a thorough investigation into the matter. They seek to establish the truth and hold those responsible for any wrongdoing, particularly the bribery allegations, accountable. They stress the importance of justice and transparency in resolving this contentious situation.

The ongoing dispute, with its associated revelations, has added complexity to an already convoluted situation. As more information surfaces, it remains imperative to approach this matter with impartiality and an unwavering commitment to uncovering the truth. For the time being, Hon. Saheed Mosadoluwa continues to receive steadfast support from those who believes in his innocence, particularly those who have benefited from his anti-land grabbing campaigns, making him a target for land grabbers.

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