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Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Gospel Singers, Ejire Aditu:How We Battled Through The Effect Of Our Father's Death

Their story is a lesson in determination and raw faith. The duo of Ejire Aditu lost their benefactor when he was needed most, thus bringing a temporary halt to their education.In this encounter, the popular Abuja based gospel singers explained how God saw them through and their journey into and through gospel music.

Q:Where is Taiye Ejire John and Kehinde Ejire John also known as  Ejire Aditu Ogo are from

A:We are from Oyo state Ogbomosho to be precise 

Q: Kindly let your admirers into you educational  background 

A: We had some of our education in Kaduna state. Along the line,  our dad passed away, then we started having issues with our education. As a result, we relocated to Abuja here,  where we decided to do Adult Education.

Q: Whats your kind of music and music in the first place. 

A: At first I think I did not choose music, music chose me because I just saw music in me while I was growing up. I started composing songs  at the age of 7 then when I saw it that way then i accepted the gift and i chose to go with it because it is the easiest way to communicate to the  world.
 We do Gospel song. In this Gospel song we do we have what  i call S I E M:Spiritual Inspirational Educative Motivational 

Q:Why did you choose gospel.
A:Because along the line i saw my self as someone who is ministering with song not just to entertain. So as the scripture says in Mark 16:15 : Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.” So it is a privilege for us to be among the chosen ones.

Q: For how long  have you playing music .
A: We have been into this music ministry since the year 2002 that should be about 21years ago.

A:How many Album do you have in the market now and what are their titles  

A:We have lots of albums and singles 
1 Aditu Ogo album  
2. Let There Be Favour Album 
3. Ile Ogo  Timo Album 
4. Famigoke Album 
5 Rin Ile mi Koja 

5 EFI  Olorun se AKOKO
6 Baba modupe 
7 Ogo fun Olorun 

Q: Which one  is the latest
A: To the glory of God, our latest work just hit the airwaves. It has been on all social medial digital platforms since the 8th of September

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