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Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Palongo Dance" Hits The Stores, As Obesere Shines Once Again...

"Palongo Dance" has now been released by Nigerian artiste, singer and song producer, Obesere, better known by his stage name, Omo Rapala - adding to his huge collection of releases, this record marks another yet eventful turn in his musical legacy. Defining the Fuji genre in his own unique style, heavily influenced by slangs, this three-track piece album is now currently available across all CD stores nationwide - the album is perfect for the season as it would further highlight the holy month of Ramadan currently being observed worldwide - the record is pretty interesting and filled with hidden energy as Obesere births in calm flows but deep within this, lies the strength of the true source of music.

The three-track piece definitely captures the entirety of Obesere's career thus far, brewing excellence with music composition and that can further be experienced in about sixty five minutes of play-time within the tracklist below.


1. Agbaakin, You Are The One Playing Fuji Music

2. Akande Ti Gbodu De

3. Bose Ngbewa Ni Mose Ngbe Fun

4. Daku E Ku

5. Palongo

6. Ki Lo Ti Wa Je 

7. Timo Bati Wa Nju Nanza Mi


1. E Ye Rojo Mi Ka

2. Mio Fe Wahala

3. Emi Ma Dupe

4. otunba Femi

5. Akogun Dele Joshua

6. Moki Ota Moki Ope

7. Bigsam

8. Ota To Ngara Simi

9. Tijakadi Ko

10. Rasheed Akogun

11. Boloun Bati Seda Eyan

12. Awo Eetan


1. Nigeria

2. Tinubu

3. Eba Gbepo Pamo

4. Tinubu Last Minute

5. Baba Ti Jelo

6. Yoruba Lokan

With a final bonus track titled "Alhaja Sekinat Birthday," Obesere shows finesse through and through on this record, produced by Luku at 40, Captain Apa and Sarafa Oyo, with co-ordination from SK Alayande- "Palongo Dance" is set to endear to his fans and music lovers in general - this record is marketed by Sidophobia Entertainment and distributed by De Wish Entertainment.

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