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Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Polls: Nigeria must avoid June 12 experience,Chief Aboderin Says

Four days to the presidential elections, Nigerians have been told to avoid situations that could lead to crisis and chaos as it was experienced 30 years ago  during the June 12 1993 annulled election.

Elderstateman and publishers of Guru Magazine, Chief Abimbola Aboderin gave the warnings yesterday in a statement made available to the media.

Chief Aboderin,who was once a major player in the June 12 election that was annulled by the military junta headed by General Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida, said the June 12 experience was nothing but a complete disappointment and disregard of people's wishes to enthrone a democratically elected president of their choice.

He stated further the annulment of the June 12 election, which was acclaimed by the international communities to be the freest and fairest in the history of Nigeria came with stiff oppositions that eventually led to series of crises that nearly broke the country. 

He, however, warned,that the election coming up on Saturday February 25, must be free and fair, and devoid of unnecessary pogrom that could jeopardize the chances of the electorate to choose their leaders.

Chief Aboderin insisted also that  complains after the election must go through court of competent jurisdiction. 

"Nigeria will not  accept anarchy, chaos and doom.Our present crop of politicians must give peace a chance.Politics should not be seen as a matter of life and death.

"Whoever that wins the election must be magnanimous in victory by    identifying with the opposition as brothers in national progress.

"The world is watching us as the election approaches and Nigeria being the leading figure in Africa is at the centre of every activity that could trigger success or failure in Africa.

"Nigeria is a very important country. I have met most powerful people in Europe and America and I know what it means to be a Nigerian.

Aboderin,who authored a book on the June 12 experience also charged the media to play its fundamental role without bias or sentiment,adding that the role of the media in an election is like a referee in a football game, whose job is to be neutral.

 "I believe it is the fundamental role of the media  to report the events as they unfold without being bias.

"Objective reportage is essential at this critical moment and the media must be up and doing in delivering this onerous task.

"It is the media's job to  broadcast or report an event and enlighten the public for good governance, so as to influence the global audience to access the growth of democracy through the credible election in our country.

"The media must report  and broadcast the general election with best intention to discourage votes manipulation,votes buying, ballot snatching during  election,so that Nigeria can have a successful and hitch -free election ",he stated

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