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Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Zazzu Crooner Returns From Kenya As He Tenders Public Apology For Misconduct Against A Lady

Mr Portable, Habeeb Okikiola, a fast-rising Nigerian singer, has left Kenya to return to his country after apologizing to Kenyans concerning a video he posted.

In a video on Sunday, Portable, who is currently in Kenya, was jeering at a lady who walked out on him after he informed her that he wasn’t available for ‘hook up’.

After being called out by a Kenyan radio presenter, Maureen Imbai, popularly known as Black Cinderella, for ’embarrassing’ the country, the Zazzu crooner on Monday made an open apology for his actions.

Meanwhile, it was reported that the singer had deleted the ‘hook up’ video he shared earlier.

In an Instagram post on Tuesday, Portable appreciated Kenyans for hosting him. However, sharing photos and videos of himself on a plane in his latest post, the singer revealed that he has left the country to return to Nigeria.

Portable, in Yoruba, noted that he had travelled and now he was coming back.

Black Cinderella, who called him out earlier, confirmed his departure as she wrote on her Instagram story, “I want to personally thank you all Nairobi Gist Gang for standing up in Union to oppose the malicious treatment and Misbehaviour that was being displayed online painting us as if we are all in one basket of immorality.

“Kenya is a country where we live the modern lifestyle like the West. We love alcohol, enjoyment, and the freedom to party. Above all we love foreigners and we still maintain a cordial relationship between Nigeria and Kenya.

“To my understanding, the musician Portable has exited Kenya in the next plane that was available for him and we all wish him a long lifespan in his music career.”

Since Portable arrived in Kenya a couple of weeks ago, he had frequently shared videos and pictures of girls he hung out with within the country.

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