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Thursday, January 13, 2022

My Mission Is To Bring Development To My Community- Hon Bosun Ibikunle Jide

Ajibade Alabi

Honourable Bosun Ibikunle Jide is one man with aspirations, he has big quest to liberate his people of Igbo- Ora, Tapa, Ayete, Anibaba from the clutch of people he said are only interested in their own selfish interest
"My main mission is to bring development to my community, bring them closer to the government. We want to bring our people out of modern slavery which they have been over the years.The kind of politics they subject our people to, is like a single-sided kind of politics where some individuals believed they are the one that is supposed to rule over the land taking advantage of the masses. 
"I don't have any political background even though my father was actually into it but never contested for any post but I myself just want to reach out to my people"
Speaking on why he joined politics he explained this:
" You know Nigeria politics, before you can delve nto it, you need to have something you are doing. I am actually into the oil and gas sector, real estate, and also exportation so I am doing fine. So going to politics is just to contribute my own quota to the development of my town. Because my town ( Igbo-Ora) is a very popular town without development. Igbo Ora is the largest place where twins are given birth and we do celebrate that yearly. We are surrounded by rocks, yet no development even the government is not doing any effort in our Constituent. Look at the people representing us at the top they are far above 70 years old people. Our house of Assembly member representing us at Ibarapa Central/North consists of Tapa, Ayete, Anibaba, Igbo Ora is from Ikagan he is about 75 years old. Our representative at the House of Assembly is in his 4th term and still going for the 5th term. I felt there is no amount project that I can do for them that can help, a single person can not say he wants to develop the whole community it is not possible, that is why we have what is called government. You have representatives let them represent you, you tell us what we need in your Local government, your constituents"

He also denied ever having a godfather, "There is no way one would not have a godfather. God Fatherism is common in politics, it is even in other businesses, but to me personally, I don't have. I have mentors in politics. No godfather can say he is the one that is pushing me for elective posts. No! I am the one sponsoring myself. I am a grassroot politician and I have done a lot for my community. Like our police station, it is not fenced, we have started the fencing and it is about 6 hectares of land, we also tried our best possible to stabilize electricity. Just last month I empowered about 50 widows across the community. So it is about making your people and community happy and letting them feel government's impact that is all that we are aspiring for " 

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