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Monday, November 29, 2021

Meet Rotimi Inspiration, The Young Musician Many Call Yinka Ayefele Look-Alike

He is young, talented with versatility in gospel and juju music. Rotimi Adesile Timothy aka Rotimi Inspiration has sent words to Yinka Ayefele on his quest to perform alongside him and assist him in any way he can so that he could achieve his dream as a great musician.

He said many out there always see me as a replica of the Tungba Gospel maestro, Yinka Ayefele. 

When people see my pictures, they always tell me I look very much like Yinka Ayefele, meanwhile, my kind of music is just like him. Maybe this is what people have seen that made them see me as another Yinka Ayefele.

Rotimi in his words said often time, people have always told me I look so much like him, I will love to perform on stage with him, I want him to take me in as one of his begotten sons. 

The Egba born musician added, "I would love to be invited to one of his shows and perform on stage in his presence. I want him to see how much I have taken after him in music."

Going down memory lane, Rotimi Inspiration said he took up music professionally almost a decade ago, and to his name, he has gotten two albums, and the third is on its way. The previous two were Ogo Iyin, Infinity Praise, and the last is almost at final its final conclusion.

Rotimi Inspiration said, Besides the albums that I have to my name, there are dedicated songs, and some singles I did to celebrate fans here in Nigeria and those in the Diaspora.

Reacting to different challenges fast-rising musicians have to contend with within Nigeria. He said, "These days, you have to do a lot for yourself to rise to the top. Getting committed band members is one of the challenges upcoming musician faces because people would always want a musicial group that has arrived.

"My wife has always been my source of strength with the full support of making my brand stands.

We met in church, then I used to be the choirmaster, I was quick to discover the great talent she's got.

She is a pure gospel Act. Any time she is free, she always fills in as my backup singer on stage. She has been wonderful to me in my ministry.

We started together in the church, I play the keyboard very well, and anytime my wife has a performance, I do go with her and play the keyboard for her. This is how we have been running our musical ministry together and it has been wonderful."

Rotimi Inspiration stressed further that music has always remained a source of joy to him and he has always seen a promising future in his musical career.

Recounting his experience as a young upcoming Act, he said, "It's tough making a hedge in music in Nigeria today, there are times when we might not get the show for months, meanwhile entertainment is a big avenue for youths to explore and exploit what God has given them as talents.

Entertainment is an avenue for the government to support the youths and cripple poverty. If we have support from the government and its different agencies, the youth will have great opportunities to be better off rather than the menace of cybercrime that has messed up the good name of this country at the international level.

Government must be willing to support the entertainment business and music promoters too should have access to grants to support musicians, and in return, their business will grow, and Nigeria's entertainment industry will become bigger and better and it would be an avenue for musicians to stand shoulder high with their contemporaries in the international community.

Rotimi Inspiration talking about his relationship with God, he said I have been warned by God not to do some things. 

He said, "The covenant I had with my Creator is to always sing free in church and whatever money I made during my performance shall be given back to the church for its development. It is my call not to take any monetary gains from the church in the cause of singing His Praise."

Meanwhile, Rotimi Inspiration said God has a way of paying him back handsomely via his other line of business.

He said, "Despite my strife to make ends meet in music, I don't collect kobo from churches for ministration, it is a call and God has been wonderful to me in my other businesses.

God told me not to make money now and even when I might have become a superstar, I have been warned, and keeping to it has brought many fortunes beyond expectation."

Rotimi Inspiration, said besides music, he is an electrical engineer who specializes in solar powering systems, house wiring, inverter, and other areas of electrical engineering.

In his words, he has tasked people going into music to get prepared for the challenges ahead while he advised how necessary it is for people to always have an alternative means of survival, especially for those that are still struggling to get to the top in entertainment.

"My God has been very wonderful to me because I have another business avenue despite the fact that music is a call for me. So, for every young man that has one talent or the other, the best you could do is look out for yourself and be determined to rise to the top by committing every part of you to God, your Creator.

Music could be run as a full-time ministry when you are blessed, and this takes time and God's" favour."

Rotimi Inspiration said his parents are in full support of his call. He said they are in full support and most time when he has shown close to them, they always come around and on his part, he will sing their praises and even introduce them to his teeming fans as his wonderful parents.

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