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Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Enitan Olusegun Bamidele,EOB: An Enigma re-defining the Radio World

World Radio Day is celebrated on February 13, every year to raise awareness about the importance of radio in providing information, entertainment and education.

A day proclaimed by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) in 2011 and observed annually to commemorate the anniversary of the first radio broadcast on February 13, 1922, by the United Nations (UN) Radio, this year is with a focus on celebrating the radio’s rich past, ongoing relevance and promising future.

Talking about the rich past of radio, one cannot do without mention those who have created a niche for themselves and re-defining  the future of broadcast in  Nigeria.

One of such persons is Enitan Olusegun Bamidele (EOB) also known as (omo iya oloyo). 

As a seasoned and charismatic broadcaster who has become a household name, EOB's journey in broadcasting began as a young journalist with a passion for storytelling.

After studying Mass Communication at the prestigious The Polytechnic Ibadan, he started out at Ogun State Broadcasting Corporation (OGBC) under the tutelage of veterans who are icons of radio broadcast. 

Starting as a local news reporter, EOB's tenacity and dedication to delivering accurate and engaging news stories propelled him to the national stage. 

His natural ability to connect with people, coupled with his articulate communication skills, quickly set him apart in the competitive field. With a distinctive voice and a warm on-screen presence, he became a trusted face in households across the country.

EOB's versatility allowed him to cover a wide range of topics. Among what stood him out

Evolving with the digital broadcast, he stepped up his game to be not just on-air talent  but a regular face of online podcast by expanding media landscape, engaging with audiences through social media  and digital platform. 

Committed  to journalistic integrity. known for thorough research, balanced reporting, and a genuine interest in the stories, no wonder his audiences appreciates his ability to make complex issues accessible and his empathetic approach to storytelling.

Off-air, EOB is involved in Humanity and Creative initiatives, using his influence to support various charitable causes. He mentors aspiring journalists and advocates for media literacy, recognizing the importance of an informed and engaged society.

Now with Fresh FM, Ibadan, Oyo State founded by Olayinka Joel Ayefele (OJA)  EOB has earned numerous awards for his outstanding contributions to journalism and broadcasting. His impact extends beyond the newsroom, making him not only a respected figure in the broadcast industry but also a beloved and influential voice that resonates with a broad audience. 

EOB's dedication to truth, empathy, and community engagement solidifies his status as a wonderful broadcaster and On air Personalty (OAP).

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