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Thursday, December 7, 2023

Sosa Fruit Drinks and Rite Sausage Rolls Brands Delight 70 Consumers with Exclusive Movie Hangout

From Left: Adebola Adeyinka, Assistant Marketing Manager, and Brand Handler for Sosa Fruit Drinks; Olawale Odenusi, Digital Lead and Brand Handler for Rite Sausage Rolls, Rite Foods Limited; Eluemelem Jennifer Chinenye, a consumer; and Ajibade Adedotun, Media and Insights Manager, Rite Foods Limited; during Sosa Fruit Drink and Rite Sausages Movie Hangout at Silverbird Cinemas, Ikeja City Mall, Lagos, on Saturday, 2nd December 2023.

In a collaborative effort, Sosa Fruit Drinks and Rite Sausage Rolls brands of Rite Foods Limited hosted an exclusive movie hangout for 70 lucky consumers who were treated to a VIP screening of 'The Marvels,' at Silverbird Cinemas, in Ikeja City Mall, Lagos, on 2nd December 2023, thereby strengthening their emotional connection with the brands.

It was part of the brands' ongoing commitment to innovatively engage and reward their loyal consumers who were selected from various social media platforms through engaging contests tailored to each brand's identity.

Rite Sausages hosted a lively movie trivia challenge urging participants to guess movie titles from quotes, while Sosa Fruit Drinks initiated an interactive flavour-guessing game, adding an extra layer of excitement to the initiative.

Winners from the social media platforms were invited to come with a companion to share in the memorable experience in the movie hangout which started at 2 pm, with the ultimate premium movie experience, complemented with refreshing products from Rite Sausage Rolls and the Sosa Fruit Drink brand.

Impressively, both brands have established themselves as more than just products on the market, as Rite Sausage Rolls, with 16 years of nourishing the nation, is a functional brand that aims to help consumers fulfill their dreams and achieve long-term pursuits. Sosa Fruit Drink, known for being a fun, friendly, and family-oriented brand is rapidly warming the hearts of consumers, taking the brand to wherever they are. 'The Marvels' movie’s central theme that individuals possess the power to overcome challenges through strength and resilience aligns perfectly with the aspirational communications of the brands.

Adebola Adeyinka, the Assistant Marketing Manager and Brand Handler for Sosa Fruit Drink, expressed the brand's joy in creating memorable experiences for consumers. She highlighted the brand's dedication to offering more than just products and emphasised the importance of prioritising consumers' needs and building lasting emotional connections.

Similarly, Olawale Odenusi, the Digital Lead for Rite Foods Ltd and Brand Handler for Rite Sausage Rolls, stressed the importance of organising such hangouts to express gratitude for consumers' unwavering loyalty. "Consumers are the heart of the brand, and each individual is considered indispensable. So, we constantly find ways to show that they matter to us and encourage them to unleash the bull inside," he stated.

Both leading brands in their market segment remain committed to consumer satisfaction and engagement, continually creating meaningful experiences, as Rite Sausages recently concluded the Rite Recycle 2.0 sustainability campaign, encouraging followers to share art created from Rite Sausage Rolls' cartons and wraps, while Sosa Fruit Drink continues to offer a variety of flavours for consumers' satisfaction.

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