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Thursday, September 7, 2023

Tinubu is God's Chosen No Move Can Remove Him From Office... Prophet Dele Genesis Affirms

Genesis Global, a respected seer known for his accurate predictions, has extended his congratulations to President Tinubu following the tribunal’s ruling affirming his victory. The prophet emphasized the importance of good antecedents and their impact on Tinubu’s electoral success.
Genesis Global stated that President Tinubu’s victory was predicted based on his exemplary track record as a nation builder. He highlighted Tinubu’s remarkable legacies within Lagos and surrounding areas, emphasizing that no other contemporary politician could rival his achievements.

Regarding the recent tribunal’s extensive judgment, Genesis Global commended the thoroughness of the process. He explained that he had closely followed the petitions and confidently asserted their lack of merit even before the final judgment was delivered. Genesis Global firmly stated that even in the event of a presidential rerun, President Tinubu would emerge as the victor.

The Presidential Election Petition Tribunal has indeed upheld the validity of President Tinubu’s election, dismissing the petitions filed by Atiku Abubakar and the PDP. The panel, led by Justice Haruna Tsammani, ruled that the petitions lacked merit and affirmed President Tinubu’s rightful election.

The four main issues raised in Atiku’s petition, including allegations of electoral irregularities and Tinubu’s qualification, were deemed incompetent and were dismissed by the tribunal. Furthermore, the tribunal expunged 37 exhibits and witnesses’ statements from the court records, discounting Atiku’s claims of electoral malpractices.

In light of these developments, President Tinubu’s victory stands strong, and his governance journey continues

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