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Sunday, September 10, 2023

Mr Ibile's Associates Fight Back Against Allegations of Land Grabbing, Assault and Other Bizarre Claims

In response to a wave of media attacks and a series of bizarre allegations, Honourable Saheed Mosadoluwa and his legal team have issued a press release vehemently denying the claims and calling for a fair and unbiased portrayal of the ongoing legal proceedings.

The press release, issued on Friday, September 7, 2023, categorically refutes the allegations against Honourable Saheed Mosadoluwa and outlines the undistorted details of the pending cases that have been cited in the recent media reports.

The controversy began with a television presentation on ARISE TV by Dotun Hassan and a subsequent publication in Punch Newspaper, both of which raised allegations of land grabbing and assault against Mr. Mosadoluwa. According to the press release, these allegations are described as "malafide" and an attempt to influence the ongoing court proceedings.

Preposterous Allegations of Burying and Exhuming:

One of the most peculiar fabrication made against Mr. Mosadoluwa involves an alleged  burial and exhumation of individuals. The press release acknowledges these bizarre allegations and challenges Dotun Hassan and his group to provide concrete evidence to support these claims. It sets a 7-day ultimatum for them to substantiate these unsubstantiated allegations or face legal prosecution to the fullest extent of the law. The press release underscores the legal principle that "he who alleges must prove."

Allegations of Assault and Land Grabbing:

In addition to the above random but bogus claims, the press release addresses the allegations of assault and land grabbing. It asserts that Mr. Mosadoluwa has been charged and is awaiting trial for an assault case, emphasizing the impropriety of discussing an ongoing legal matter in the media.

Furthermore, the release delves into a dispute over land ownership involving Mr. Mosadoluwa and a party referred to as Murphy Adebare (Topaz). It alleges that Topaz engaged hired assassins to target Mr. Mosadoluwa, leading to a criminal case. Evidence were shown to the media at the press briefing. It also implicates certain police officers in assisting Topaz's efforts, an accusation that calls for a thorough investigation.

The Mosadoluwa's legal team expresses concern about the conduct of CSP Ishola Jejeloye and calls for the Inspector General of Police to intervene and address alleged bias in ongoing investigations. The release also appeals for the restoration of personal aides attached to Mr. Mosadoluwa's security, citing concerns about his safety.

Honourable Saheed Mosadoluwa and his legal team maintain their innocence in the face of these allegations and express their confidence that justice will prevail as the legal proceedings continue.

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