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Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Ilorin Crisis:Release Yeye Osun, Talolorun, others...YOV Urges Kwara Govt

Yoruba Diaspora group Yoruba One Voice (YOV) has condemned the continuous detention of Osun  devotees, Efunsetan Abebi,Obalowu Jimoh and popular online presenter Tantolorun.

The Yoruba Diaspora group has also urged governor AbdulRahman AbdulRasaq of Kwara state to intervene and ensure that those detained were released.

In a statement by the General
Secretary,Prince Adedokun Ademiluyi,the Yoruba diaspora organization described the arrest and prolonged detention of the trio as travesty of justice and an act of intimidation that could lead to further crisis.

YOV also insisted that the Kwara state Commissioner for police,Ebun Adelesi, was acting the script well written by some prominent figures in Ilorin,adding that there are strong indications that some people are behind the arrest  and unlawful detention of the devotees, even as it was obvious that the Kwara state Commissioner for police allegedly doing everything that is possible to frustrate their release.

Prince Ademiluyi stated further that the circumstances surrounding the recent arrest and arraignment of Tantolorun showed that the Kwara state police authority have the backings of some religious leaders to trample upon the rights of the detained devotees.

"We are appealing to governor
AbdulRahman AbdulRasaq to intervene and ensure that those detained in respect of the Ilorin religious crisis were released.

"It is unfortunate that a magistrate court in Ilorin will order the remand of Yeye Osun Abebi,Obalowu Jimoh and Tantolorun for 30 and 50 days  respectively without trial.

"It is sad and even unconstitutional that  Magistrate Adams would arrogate to himself such power that makes him feel like he is above the law.

"It is nothing but a travesty of justice to arrest a person in Ibadan, Oyo state, and went ahead to arraign him in Ilorin Magistrate Court,Kwara state without anybody raising a voice.

"Tantolorun was alleged to have committed offences ranging from defamation of character and  causing public disturbance.All the offences have their punishments under the law.

However, the viral video of his arrest showed how the young man  was portrayed as addicted criminal.

"And you wondered how Nigeria has lost everything to injustice and lack of fair play.

"The Kwara state Commissioner for Police was biased in her disposition and the way she handled the case. 

"There were times when these religion fanatics  denigrate the traditional institution,calling the late Alaafin uncomplimentary names. 

When bigots invaded Ooni's palace in Ile Ife, pelting the palace with stones,the revered monarch never go to court.

"Professor Wole Soyinka,the Aareonakakanfo of Yoruba land, Iba Gani Abiodun Ige Adams and a few others had also been called several uncomplimentary names by these unknown religious bigots and bloggers,yet they didn't sue or take legal actions against them.

"But the case of Tantolorun had showed the intolerance of some people and this can only lead to more crisis.So we are appealing to the Kwara state governor to intervene and ensure that those detained are released for them to enjoy their rights to freedom.

"In spite of the huge security issues and challenges in Kwara state,it is
ridiculous watching the Kwara state Commissioner for police leading her men to the river at the outskirts of Ilorin to observe surveillance and also prevent Osun devotees from appeasing the river goddess.

"In June this year,over 100 people died in Kwara state when a vessel capsized and split in two in the Niger River near Pategi, Kwara State, Nigeria. 

"The sad incident occured when a boat carrying attendees of a wedding capsized and 108 people were confirmed dead in the boat mishap.

"These unfortunate incidents happened when nature is fighting back and when incidents like these occured,we need to appease nature and God the creator of heaven and earth is not against any religion,it is only the religious bigots and fanatics that use religion to foment

YOV also called on prominent Yoruba sons and daughters to support the call for the release of the three people detained in respect of the religious crisis in Ilorin,even as it warned those behind the crisis in Ilorin to stay away from actions that can stoke religious crisis in Yoruba land.

"Nigeria is a secular nation.It is very unfortunate that some people could be so mean to use religion to create avoidable crisis in Ilorin.

"There is need for every Nigerian to respect the secularity of the Nigerian nation, saying the Nigerian Constitution allows the citizens to practise religion of their choices without fear or threat"

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