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Sunday, August 13, 2023

High Cost Of Living: Nigerians Will Protest- Prophet Faleyimu Olagoroye Declares

World seer, Prophet Olagoroye Faleyimu has prophesied that due to the high cost of living, orchestrated by the fuel subsidy removal, Nigerian citizens will protest.

He said, they will embark on the protest when they can no longer bear the sufferings.

He revealed this in a World press conference in Lagos recently.

"When the Nigerians citizens can't hold the sufferings of high cost of living anymore, they will storm the street to protest" he prophesied.

It would be recalled that Prophet Faleyimu in his last prophecy in June has said that the fuel price will be increased From #500 and care is not taking, it might rise to #1000 per liter, and now the current price of fuel is #617 per liter.

As if that was not enough, he also revealed that President Bola Ahmed Tinubu cabinet  can't be better than ex- President, Mohamed Buhari's administration, which is becoming obvious, as cost of living is going higher and  making life unbearable for the people.

 Olagoroye declared that God told him to quit as Prophet, and declared He has not sent him if all He told him about President  Tinubu that his  administration will get better than Ex- President Buhari's government in his first six months in office is achieved.

He re- confirmed that Nigerians and the whole World can't enjoy peace and tranquility until the messiah God told him to rule Nigeria from Owo town, in Ondo state  eventually take over Aso Rock.

He said, "I can tell you for free that Nigerians are seriously going through hard times after the fuel subsidy removal which has inflated cost of food items, increase in school fees, cost of transportation, cost of spare parts, and other items for vehicle maintenance. This has also affected house rent, increase in health risk, and other unforseen circumstances.

"As it's now, this might call for protest if it's not properly managed and the unforseen situation might come to past and might affect this administration negativity, except the government of the day do the needful and pray ceaselessly." Faleyimu concluded.

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