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Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Why Nollywood Star, Alhaja Lizzy Aishat Lawal Has A Special Place in My Heart-

Taofik Afolabi, Lagos based journalist

I know she may not like this, some may even say this piece is an effort to get her attention, but let me first make it clear that I have known Alhaja Aishat Elizabeth Anjorin Lawal for over a decade, I have ridden in the same car with her, ate in the same plate with her, shared some personal issues with the Badagry born thespian and business mogul, so seeking for attention is far from it.

This piece is just a mere effort to let her know that she has a special place in my heart and to show my appreciation for her kind gesture. 

You may be wondering why a journalist would say that an actress has a special place in his heart, yes, she has and I'm going to tell you the reason.

Let me start this way, some years ago, I was at my former place of work, my phone just rang and behold it was Alhaja Aishat, she said "Booda Taofik", as she used to call me, "I want to take you to someone, let's see today at Lekki".

Without wasting much time, I made my way to her house and she said "you have been very supportive to my career, you are one of the journalists I cherish so much, there is this rich man that I want to introduce to you, haaa, the man is very rich oo, he's one of my helpers and I want him to help you too. 

"This man I'm talking about can give you 5 Million Naira at a go. Let's go there now, I have told him we are coming".

Truly, Alhaja took me to the man, in fact, if you are not invited it would be very difficult to see him, the man is  absolutely rich.

When we finally met the man, Alhaja without wasting time, made her introduction like this "Daddy mi, Mr. Taofik is my journalist, very humble, intelligent and honest, help me to help him sir, omoluabi ni won, won ti se daadaa fun mi gan-an".

I was just standing like iroko tree and the rich man was just looking at me and smiling. The man asked some questions that has to do with journalism and how I can be useful for the promotion of his business. He agreed to assist me as Alhaja requested, the man wanted to know my capacity, thus, he said "Oh boy go and promote one of our businesses, let's see what you can do, I'm going to assist you as Lizzy said.

But unfortunately, I could not meet up with the man's requirements, I didn't have the grace to promote the man's business on the platform I was working with then, I did not even bother telling Alhaja about it again, because, within me, I knew I had failed. Despite that, I was grateful to Alhaja and she didn't know that singular act was very big in my heart.

Another thing that makes Alhaja to have a special place in my heart was what she did for me at the burial of late Moji Olaiya (May her soul rest in peace).  

After the late actress was laid to rest, some journalists were roaming around Alhaja for normal appreciation and Alhaja quickly put her hand in her bag and gave them some cash, I kept a long distance from that scenario but to my highest surprise, Alhaja walked to me and said, "Booda Taofik, let's go to my car, your own money is not like the one I gave to others, eyin yato nao". 

When we got to her car, Alhaja asked me where I was heading to after departure, I said office, she quickly told her driver, let's go and drop Booda Taofik at his office in Ketu. They drove me to my office and Alhaja still gave me twenty thousand Naira, It was a big money then.

Not only that, I could recollect vividly when she returned from one of her abroad trips, she put a call through to me that I should see her, she gave me some items and very expensive suit, I got to know the price of the said suit via the tag price on it, it was very big money.

Though, I may not be having regular interaction with her today but I want her to know that she has a very special place in my heart.

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