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Friday, June 30, 2023

(Video) Shebaby Reacts As Her New Single, DND Generates Mixed Feelings

Reactions have continued to trail the new single, DND, popular hip-hop singer, and a Nollywood actor, Queen Seyi Ariyo aka Shebaby, promised her fans across the globe would drop on the 1st of July, 2023.

Having uploaded a short piece of the single on her social media handles, reactions have been on the air, especially about the title of the single, DND, which simply means Do Not Disturb.

To make herself explicit to her numerous fans, on why went for the title Do Not Disturb, Shebaby has reacted through a press release, with details of what informed the creation of the new single in question and the motive behind the title she has given the super-hot songs, meant to drop on all play stores and social media in a couple of days.

Queen Seyi Ariyo, in her words, said, "I am someone who believes in being nice to all. I am a people pleaser, someone who would always like to respond to all notifications on my phone as it pops up. I always feel guilty when I ignore notifications, to me, I used to consider it as an act of ignoring people. Meanwhile, being available to all notifications too wasn’t too cool, hence I started making use of the ‘DND’ on my phone to definitely help fight the urge to respond as soon as a notification comes in. These notifications can be overwhelming at times and thus looked at as distractions.

She stated further, “For clarification, I’m not saying I don’t check my phone a million times a day, but I had to put boundaries to it. Having my phone on DND makes me more productive and it enables my ‘To-do list’ more purposeful.”

Seyi Ariyo was also quick to reiterate, “As an artiste who’s active on social media. If one is not disciplined, then you will hardly have time to improve on yourself, especially in the creation of more content.”

DND, her new single is within the time frame of 2 minutes 26 secs, having dropped one early this year, titled ‘Like me’ precisely in January 2023.

Going by the counts, Shebaby, a movie-maker-cum-singer has several songs to her credit, with a good spirit of working with different artists. She has featured a whole lot of artists in her songs, singles, and albums.

Though, living in faraway United Kingdom now, this beautiful hip-hop singer has always kept in touch with her fans, back home and others across the globe. Her movie production, coupled with her musical career stops not, and this has brought in another beautiful one titled DND.

“My newest flick is titled Iko (hook), a Yoruba movie, that has not been released to the market. Meanwhile, around August /September 2022, I released a single, titled (Redflag) featuring Rudy Omoibile.” Shebaby submitted.

Watch the video as it drops ...

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