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Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Meet Emmanuel Njoku As He Touches Lives Via Humanitarian Projects

Mr. Njoku is a consummate and dedicated executive with an exceptional entrepreneurial mindset. The Eziala Nguru, in Aboh Mbaise Local Government Area of Imo State, Nigeria, is a born humanitarian however, despite his belief that he hasn't done anything yet.

"I don t think I have done anything yet, I still believe I  still have more to do for my people and I don t think there is anything big that I have done for them" he stated.

Njoku is a pathfinder; an innovator and a motivator with sterling academic records and professional background, who continues to bestride the business world like a colossus; with businesses spanning across various continents. 

so versatile is this young man that He renders general and bespoke services in Health, Renewable energy, Human Resources Management, law, and several other fields of human endeavor.

But yet like Oliver Twist, he is still demanding more of himself to be able to believe he has done a bit of his own

The visionary leader with a proven track record of engineering organizational turnaround  He is a man conscientiously devoted to charitable causes and currently sits as the chairman of Emma Njoku Foundation- a Non-Governmental Organization with a focus on health and education, which has left indelible imprints on the minds and hearts of many individuals and organizations.

" I still believed there is still more to be done hence I am sounding like  Oliver Twist. There are many things that will want to put our investment on which could make our people feel our impact"

Recalled that the Emman Njoku Foundations has supported projects like ;

2021 School Intervention which was held on December 22,2021

it was tagged "Eziala Nguru Back to School Program "  and it marks the commencement of the Emma Njoku Foundation Free Medical Outreach. at the Eziala Nguru Maternal and Child Care Care

He did not stop there he went further and  hosted the Easter Intervention 2022

Easter Intervention 2022. which was tagged an April to remember as he ensured that an uncountable number of lives were touched in very unique ways.

Two hundred and forty-eight (248) persons benefited from the Free eye Check, screening, and correctional lenses.

200 persons got our Easter Hamper consisting of Rice, Groundnut oil, seasoning, tomato paste, pepper and onion mix, curry, thyme, and salt thus ensuring that on Easter Day, all they need is Kerosene to cook and meat.

Over 300 sanitary pads were also distributed in their own way of promoting menstrual hygiene.

10 carefully selected Artisans got the sum of #40,000 each in support of their business.

9 carefully selected Persons got the sum of #20,000 each as part of our hospital Decongestion programme mentioned for the payment of hospital bills.

30 carefully selected persons got #20,000 each as part of our market women support Grant in support of rural businesses.

This and more are our modest way of touching lives positively.

He did not stop there he also made the road to feel his impact, with his 

Major Road Intervention., when on May 22, 2022

he put and return smiles to the faces of Ndị Mbaise as Barr. Emma Njoku of Eziala Nguru in Umunneato Autonomous Community of Aboh Mbaise single-handedly undertakes the fixing of major bad

His donation of the wheel -Chair on September 21, 2022, still talks of the town 

 7th of September, 2022, Miss Ugochi Duru will remain evergreen  as the management of the Emma Njoku Foundation responded to her passionate appeal for an automated Wheelchair after surviving a cervical spinal

what of donations of 50 pews on October 18, 2022, COMMUNITY SCHOOL EZIALA NGURU 

With  all these Njoku still believes he is still far cry from what he wanted to do for people 

" I always tell my workers and my people that I am still a far cry from my targets, I just want my people my community, and society at large to be happy, hence the little things we are doing to make people happy "

Talk of man humility, whose achievements speak for him

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