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Sunday, May 7, 2023

Adron Reiterates: Our Commitment Is To Provide Nigerians, Better, Affordable Homes

In its bid to react to a recent trending publication accusing the operators of Adron Homes and Properties Limited of fraudulent activities in the sale and acquisition of their landed properties, the management has in a press release countered and refuted the allegations.

The statement reads 'Our attention has been drawn to a recent malicious publication in some social media channels against our reputable Company, Adron Homes and Properties Ltd. A company built on integrity that also enjoys tremendous goodwill of the people with branches in several states of the Federation. It is, therefore, necessary we clarify the issues raised by the uninformed author by setting the records straight so that the lingering misinformation and half-baked truths trending do not end up being regarded as facts by our numerous customers and clients.

1. One of the allegations made was that Adron Homes has no one who has built, or is building in any of our estates across the country. On the contrary, however, we completely refute this unfounded allegation, as we have thousands of built houses and hundreds of landlords living in our estates across the country. with verifiable facts for those who wish to ascertain the true position and for the sake of due diligence. The insinuations that the company is fraudulent and won’t allocate plots of land to clients who have met the stipulated requirements are lies from the pit of hell; we condemn this in its entirety.


2. The allegation that our infrastructural and development fees are shrouded in secrecy is untrue. All necessary fees required to be paid per estate are well stated with clarity on our website with other terms and conditions stated on our subscription forms. In all real estate development, particularly for site and service schemes, good infrastructures and recreational facilities are essential. This includes perimeter fencing, secured gatehouse, road network, proper drainages, electricity, and street lighting, amongst others. We pride ourselves on keeping up with the best global practices concerning infrastructural development in all our estates. It is our pride to make all our estates luxuriously habitable to our landlords.


3. It is also germane to note that, due to the dwindling economy and surge in prices of commodities, we do not have control over the market prices of building materials. Hence, why these fees are reviewable periodically to reflect current market prices so that we can deliver on our promises without reducing infrastructural standards and quality. When such an increment is about to take place, we notify our customers accordingly via a memo.


4. The claim that Adron Homes mandates customers to use our engineers when building is absolutely false. This is false, over 85% of our clients build and are currently building their houses. We have a policy that is in line with National Building Standards and Planning Authority guidelines. Which is, we require our clients to submit Building profiles of qualified Engineers or Registered builders and such requirements are either a COREN or a CORBON certification. The engineer or builder is expected to sign a tripartite agreement with us and the client which is the indemnity agreement before the commencement of any construction works. This is to protect both the company and the client from building collapse or structural defects. At Adron Homes, the safety of our clients, the contractors, the site workers, and the immediate community is of utmost importance to us and we will not reduce our standards.

5. We at Adron Homes will like to urge clients who have defaulted on the contractual terms and conditions of purchase to explore the contractual options available for resolution and refrain from making disparaging posts or casting aspersions on social media about the brand in a bid to tarnishing the company’s image and reputation it has painfully built over the years. This is libelous and we shall take all necessary steps legally to ensure we protect our integrity by holding anyone found culpable responsible. We also implore the general public to refrain from sharing unverified and malicious statements attributed to the company’s image by these allegations. For any inquiry, our contact numbers are posted on our social media handles. Our contact lines are open to all sundry. Our well-trained sales executive and customer care agent will answer your questions accordingly and give clarity to your curiosity. You can equally walk into any of our offices across the country to ask any question.

In conclusion, Adron Homes and Properties remains committed to building cities, communities, and affordable homes. We will continue to serve and be accountable to all our clients, making their real estate sojourn seamless and hitch-free.

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