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Tuesday, April 11, 2023

At 95, Pa Adebanjo's Imprints in Nigeria Indelible- Gani Adams

Aareonakakanfo of Yoruba land, Iba Gani Abiodun Ige Adams has congratulated Afenifere leader,Pa Ayo Adebanjo on his 95th birthday, saying the Afenifere chieftain's imprints in Nigeria is indelible.

Adams' congratulatory message was contained in a statement by his Special Assistant on Media, Kehinde Aderemi, where he described the foremost Yoruba chieftain as an embodiment of truth and courage.

Adams eulogized the courageous lifestyle of Pa Adebanjo, saying if it means standing alone on the path of justice and truth,Baba is always  ready to be counted as a lone voice in the forest.

As one of the disciples of the late sage,Chief Obafemi Awolowo,Pa Ayo Adebanjo has distinguished himself as a thoroughly-bred Awoist with distinct character of truth and honesty with passion for justice.

"There are leaders and there are leaders.Give it to him,Baba Ayo Adebanjo is old enough to live a quite life, and enjoy the luxury of his long and spartan life,yet his voice remains the only voice that renders the powerful, powerless and he is always consistent in speaking truth to power.

"As the Aareonakakanfo of Yoruba land, those of us that are still very young look up to Baba as the pillar of our stuggle for an egalitarian society where truth,justice and fair- play remain the hallmark of our socio-political ideology.

"He deserves nothing less.It is not until great men like him dies that we will be placing adverts in the media celebrating his life.Let us celebrate the courage, consistency, hardworking and passion he had painstakingly put into the struggle for a just society.

"Not everybody is blessed to reach that old age in life, but  it pleases God,the alpha and the Omega to spare his life as he hits 95.

"Pa Ayo Adebanjo is blessed.It is

 my prayer that God continue to bless Baba with good health and sound mind for him to continue to be the voice of the voiceless and the shinning light of our race,Aare Adams,said.

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