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Monday, January 2, 2023

2023: Nigeria's Date With Destiny

By: Kehinde Aderemi

Welcome to the year 2023.This year is, certainly, going to be a very interesting year.

In Nigeria today,the year 2023 is pregnant for all our politicians- both the contenders and the pretenders. 

This is the year that has put before Nigerians the opportunity to choose and make a choice that is best for the country.

With about eight weeks to the general elections, this year is surely,a defining moment for  Nigeria and Nigerians.We are waiting and we are anticipating.

2023 is Nigeria's date with destiny.

It is the year that will determine the fate of over 220 million Nigerians for the next four years.

This year is fully loaded with various happenings,yet it is one year that will determine the political trajectory of this country.

This is the year of "war among the politicians".This is the year that will make or mar Nigeria's existence as a country.

This is the year of our covenant with God.It is a year that Nigerian politicians will strike a deal with  the electorate.

This is the year of Nigeria's redemption.This is the year of fulfillment.This is the year Nigeria must rise above religious,and ethnic sentiment to choose a leader that is worthy of our trust.

This is the most important year 

for the Independent Electoral Commission (INEC).The electoral umpire had long been preparing for the 2023 general elections.

This is the year that will throw up  greatest challenges that Nigeria will contend with in the next four years.

This is the year for us to make

that great choice of electing who actually becomes the president of Nigeria that would administer the country for the next four years.

This is the year that Nigeria will be mortgaging their future by voting  for only one candidate out of the 18 candidates that represent different political parties.

From North to East, West to South, Nigerians will deliberately decide through their permanent voters card (PVC),the candidates that will emerge victorious in the elections for the President, National and State Assemblies.

This is the year that reminded me

of the story of Moses- the great prophet of God that took the Israelites out of the land of Egypt. 

The holy book told  us of how the journey of forty days sadly turned to the journey of 40 years.

When the Israelites were about to cross the red sea,they rebuked Moses.They queried him that he should have left them in Egypt to suffer in their prolonged bondage. 

They feared death.They feared suffering in the wilderness.

For every man,there is a limit to one's threshold.There is a limit to one's suffering and lamentations.

But rather than being overwhelmed and confused,Moses looked up to God and seek redemption.

It was at this point in time that God showed up and asked Moses what was in his hands?

Moses responded..'it is my rod oh lord!And God asked him to lay it upon the red sea and the red sea broke and paved the way in awe.

That was how the Israelites made their way through the red sea only for Pharaoh and his warlords to be perished in the red sea .

This year,Nigerians are on the brim of the red sea.The Pharaohs are behind us, threatening to kill, maim, and destroy the Nigerian destiny in 2023.

But Who will be the Nigerian Moses?Is it Obi,Tinubu or Atiku?

Let me digress a bit.In Yoruba parlance the acronyms of letter (O)letter (T) and letter (A) combined means (OTA) meaning an "enemy".

And going further,the question is: Are the three prominent candidates of the Labour Party,(LP) the All Progressives Congress(APC) and People's Democratic Party(PDP) truly the enemies of Nigeria  as we go into the 2023 elections? 

Is any of these candidates the true saviour of this country?

Who is the 'God-sent Messiah' that would lead Nigeria to the promised land? 

These are questions we need to ask ourselves as we go into the election in February and March respectively.

Remember they would come with huge promises and white lies.

They have been making endless promises.And in the next six weeks, they would be making more promises. They would be telling us all sort of lies.

They would tell us that Nigeria would turn to Dubai in the next one year.They would tell us that our one naira would be equal to one American dollar,or even stronger than the pound sterling, currency of the United Kingdom. 

They would tell us that our dead refineries would start working immediately they were elected.

They would promise us that power

supply would be uninterrupted for the next four years.

They would tell us that our health sector would be great again. 

That the unprecedented brain drain in the sector would be a thing of the past.

Politicians are in the season of promises, lies,white lies, where they would say,they would kill corruption before it killed the nation.

They would tell us that the spate of insecurity would end immediately they were elected and that Boko  Haram and banditry across the nation would become history.

They would tell us that Nigeria would come out stronger and better from the multifarious problems that have been hindering her progress.

They would promise us that there wouldn't be long queues in our filling stations.That our teachers and university lecturers would not embark on protracted industrial action.

They would tell us that they would change Nigeria to Dubai or Mecca.

Every election year is unique in the history of every nation.

However, this year is special to Nigeria because strange things are still unfolding in the political milieu.

Our politicians are coming up with new slangs and languages.

They are coming up with new or renewed hope.They are coming up with different slogans.

Honestly, nothing is really new in all of these.It had been engrained in Nigeria's political lexicon from time immemorial.

Remember in 1983,the presidential election was between the late Alhaji Shehu Shagari of National Party of Nigeria (NPN) the late Chief Obafemi Awolowo of Unity Party of Nigeria (UPN)and the late Dr.

Nnamdi Azikiwe of the Nigerian People's Party (NPP)

Is there any resemblance of our past experiences from this present experience? Is the second Republic and 1983 election history repeating itself?

Well,it is just a matter of time.

In 1993,it was between the late Aare Moshood Kashimawo Olawale Abiola of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) and the late Alhaji Bashir Othman Tofa of the National Republican Convention (NRC)

Also in 1993,there was an election debacle that culminated in the annulment of the most freest and fairest election in the history of Nigeria.

Nigeria's hope in 1993 was dashed.

The Minna General is still alive to tell us how and why he aborted the Nigerian dream of a great nation.

In 1993,we had the best opportunity to transform this country.In 1993, we were more united as a nation.

Abiola's victory was a complete, national glory.It reflected what the game of politics should be.

It was truly the best testimony of a borderless  politics-  that is beyond religions and ethnic sentiments.

The late MKO Abiola's victory truly showed that there's huge strength in religious tolerance and how we can learn from playing politics without bitterness.

But despite the landslide victory of the late Abiola in 1993 election,the entire process turned out to be a pipe dream.

And Nigeria lost the opportunity to get it right through a free and fair election.

We lost the golden opportunity to cross the red sea because there were some Pharaohs and their warlords that were behind us.

It was the Pharaoh of that era and his allies that eventually truncated Abiola 's victory and the Nigerian dream to get it right.

Nigeria lost it and we started all over again.

That was how the journey that was supposed to be that of a decade, that was between 1983 and 1993 was later extended and we had this democracy in 1999 instead.

Remember those that really made the sacrifices.Remember those that laid down their lives. 

There were people that made the huge sacrifices for us to have this  democracy.

Between 1999 and 2023 was a long period of 24 years.It is an irony of fate that Nigeria is still learning and experimenting with all that God has blessed us with as a nation.

We are still searching for the best way to make the votes of the electorate count in this country.

Our politics has been monetized and the votes of the electorate never count.

And we are yet to learn our lessons that politics is all about choice and that the power to choose our leaders is in our hands through our votes.

So, as this year election approaches Nigerians should wake up and take cognisance of their rights to vote and also make their votes count.

Nigerians must be ready to take the country back from the hands of the Pharaohs that are only interested in pauperizing us.


In truth,Obi,Tinubu and Atiku are all products of this rotten politics we play in Nigeria.They are part of the rotten we call politics in Nigeria.

But one major factor that can help Nigeria against these three super rich  candidates is the God factor.

However,God would not come from heaven to choose the president for us, however,Nigerians remains the real determinant.

Let us  use our hands to create the future we desire for ourselves and the next generation of Nigerians.

Let us use our votes to determine who rules the country for the next four years. That is the God factor I am talking about.

So as the politicians begins their gimmicks,let the electorate that will determine their fate choose wisely. 

Consider every considerable condition before you cast your vote.

Consider their age,their experiences their past records and past history.

Whether we like it or not,one of them will surely succeed Buhari.

But before then,we need to play the God factor by choosing carefully and see who among them could be the best for Nigeria and Nigerians. 

Kehinde Aderemi, is the Special Assistant on Media to the Aareonakakanfo of Yoruba land


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