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Monday, February 28, 2022

Removal of State Police from constitutional Amendment, a disservice to the Nation- Gani Adams

Aareonakafo of Yoruba land, Iba Gani  Abiodun Ige Adams on Monday described the removal of state police from the constitutional Amendment procedure as  a disservice to the nation, saying the
a prolonged spate of insecurity in the country makes the demand for state police a necessity.

Picking holes in the constitutional Amendment procedure, Adams, in a statement by his Special Assistant on Media, Kehinde Aderemi, said he had a strong feeling from the beginning that the lawmakers would not come out with anything that reflects the overall interest of the people.

The Yoruba generalissimo noted with dismay, the alleged selfishness of the Senate, arguing that not much could be achieved with the ongoing constitutional amendment, which he said was mired in unnecessary politicking.

"Ordinarily, I knew from the beginning that nothing tangible, and nothing worthwhile will come out of the constitutional amendment process that is shrouded in bias and unnecessary politicking.

With the removal of state police from the constitutional Amendment procedure, it is obvious that none of the National Assembly members are worthy representatives of the people. It is an open display of politics and selfishness, and Nigerians are always at the receiving end.

"The Red Chamber didn't consider the need for a state police, which could have helped in addressing the  pressing security challenges we face daily as a nation",

"They planned to hide under the cover of the law to improve their political leverage and boost their interests and nothing more",

"The security situation is a major challenge in the country and the Senate decided to look the other way, by removing State Police from the constitutional Amendment process",

The implication of this huge lacuna in the constitutional Amendment process is that the demand for the state police or regional police is long overdue given the various security deficit in the country. 

"Security is a major issue  across the country, however, the demand  for state police is one of the yearnings of  Nigerians that cut across ethnic nationalities, and without it, the constitutional Amendment process is purely an exercise in futility, and the National Assembly would not be able to achieve its desired objectives, except for some politicians that are doing everything within their powers to protect their political interests",

Reviewing the prospects of the amendment, Adams said the constitutional amendment process has exposed the lawmakers 

 "The lawmakers are in the National Assembly to seek amendment of over 60 items to be included in the constitution, but rather than playing their constitutional roles as laid down in the constitution, they 
are seeking immunity, life pension and other paraphernalia of the offices, forgetting that they are at the National Assembly to seek the well-being of the people or the constituency they represent".

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