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Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Igboho's Detention Misplacement Of Justice------Gani Adams... Condemns Secret Trial Of Yoruba Nation Activist

Aareonakakanfo of Yorubaland, Iba Gani Abiodun Ige Adams has described the continuous detention of Yoruba nation activist, Sunday Adeyemo, Igboho without trial as misplacement of justice, insisting the Benin court has no respect for human rights.
He, however, applauded the efforts of the activist's Counsel, Chief Yomi Aliyyu (SAN), to seek redress from ECOWAS Court.
Iba Adams, in a statement issued on Tuesday by his Special Assistant on Media, Kehinde Aderemi, expressed disappointment at the manner with which the Republic of Benin handled Igboho's case.

He added that with the continuous detention, it is evident that Igboho's rights have been violated by the Republic of Benin Court, saying his prolonged detention has shown that the laws of Benin Republic is no respecter of human rights. 
"There was misplacement of justice in the way Igboho's detention was extended without trial. It is evident that the Benin Republic has taken Igboho's case far beyond the normal legal procedures"

"He never committed any crime. He was just expressing his displeasure under the ambit of law, however, despite the fact that there were no criminal charges against him, the Benin Republic Court still detained him unjustly without trial. 

While urging Yoruba in the diaspora to present Igboho's case to the global communities, Adams stated further that efforts should be made to seek redress beyond the continent, so as not to shortlived the legal process as it was done with Sowore's case.

"The extension of the detention of Igboho further exposed the frailty in the administration of justice. The young man's rights have been abused without trial. He had not been convicted of any offense. The  law of any country that claims to be guided by the rule of law should be explicit on the rights of an individual citizen,”
"Having spent over six months unjustly in Benin detention,it is sad that the young man's rights have been trampled upon, especially, for spending much longer than it should be for a person who had not been convicted of any offense and a person who is not a criminal by any standard"

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