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Sunday, February 27, 2022

Between A Journalist, Funke Ashekun... 'The Ranting Of A Confused Lost Sheep'

Woe unto those who think they can wake up one morning and decide to trouble the kingdom of God with unfounded and overcooked lies and lack of knowledge.

My name is Femi, and I am an investigative journalist on a mission for the kingdom.

I will start with a scripture before I go into the unveiling of the moment.

Acts 3:3-4 KJV:

And Peter, fastening his eyes upon him with John, said, Look on us. 


FUNKE ASHEKUN if you are a true believer and one who understands the mystery of deliverance, you will never speak about the GOs eye contact with you as hypnosis, because its either you don’t know the level of the anointing that the GO of the church carries, or you are completely ignorant of the power within the ministry.

The scripture above depicts how Peter healed the cripple at the beautiful gate by asking him to look at him, you may try to look for the meaning of the words FASTENING HIS EYES UPON HIM.

So, was it that peter hypnotized the cripple and forced him to walk. 

The concept of eye contact is a serious deliverance process and very few I believe have this understanding. IF YOU HAVE DEMONS IN YOUR EYES, IT WILL MANIFEST. 

FUNKE, you display abysmal ignorance and lack of scriptural understanding by the day, no wonder they said you were moving from church to church, looking for greener pasture rather than seek the face of God in spirit and in truth. 

From the scripture above, we have come to FIND OUT that the act of looking into eyes is very scriptural. So, drop the hypnosis nonsense you have been using to confuse your viewers. ITS VERY CLEAR YOU KNOW NOT THE BIBLE AND YOU NEVER GAVE YOUR LIFE TO CHRIST. 


You have been ranting about the corridor prayers, like the devil has asked you to shut the place down, but sorry Ma, that place has been a spot for reviving destinies, healing the sick, delivering the oppressed and setting the captives free. These are facts gathered from million of testimonies that goes on daily and steady in the ministry. 

LET ME REFRESH YOUR MINDS ABOUT THE CORRIDOR ESPECIALLY NOW THAT YOU SEEM TO HAVE LOST TOUCH WITH REALITY.I did serious and very deep research on this just to make sure that all is cleared. 

The corridor, as its popular called, is just a term to describe the activity of the environment where the GO oversees a lot of things while serious prayer goes on.  

This is an open SPACE of ABOUT 80 SQUARE METERS. A place where different kinds of activities take place, ITS MORE OR LESS A VERY TRANSPARENT PROCESS, there are about 10 pastors standby attending to people from DIFFERENT works of life, Drs, engineers, politicians, military personals, musicians, Pastor from within and outside the ministry and what have you.
 Everything is organized and timed as the queue files in, this place takes cognizance of about a thousand human traffic every time the GO is at work.


The counselling room of the general overseer Is a crowded drama scene, something you may only see in scary movies, a real-life demonstration of the power of God and a place where the physical manifestation of possessed human beings break out, and as you wait in the corridor queue to see the GO, it’s all screams and chills that you hear and experience. 


There have been cases whereby people deny what they said, deny deep confessions they made, or don’t remember what they said or how they put up behaviors like different wild animals, or speaking like ancient demons, and most of all transforming to super strong deluded people and tearing their clothes off when the fire hits them, these scenes sometimes look like horror movies and not what one can describe to victims except filmed, and but of course these people are not in their senses when the demons in them revolts  to the power of God . these displays are not new to the ministry. And Funke, that is in denial today. know this, Many ministries televise these areas of their ministry (manifestations ) in other to show people the move of God in their ministry , but this ministry’s  style is different. From our findings and interviews we realized that all recordings of deep manifestations are termed private and confidential. Hence they are only sent to the individuals involved , to show them what they were doing when they were under the influence of the holy spirit and also to encourage them to take their prayers seriously, to enable for true, deep and speedy deliverance.

Information got to us that this particular corridor prayers, were moved to people’s respective homes through ZOOM during the pandemic period. and the full manifestation of the power of God took place in people’s lives all over the world in their respective place of abode, these were made know to us  through the kind of testimonies recorded.  

We believe that whatever videos you have, are videos of people suffering from demonic possession who are manifesting after being hit by the power of God. 


FUNKE in your rants and social media brouhaha, you alleged that women are being molested at the corridor, but my question is how? From our findings, we realized that the place is laced with CCTV cameras and nonstop human traffic. 


You keep mentioning toilet activities and so on, we have investigated this, and spoken to quite a handful of people and found out that the toilet is only used to ease themselves, or those who have fibroid issues, long-term pregnancy, or seeking the fruit of the womb. These people are asked to go in there to anoint themselves by themselves and most times they start manifesting in the toilet and female pastors are sent there to attend to them

I really can’t understand how FUNKE can’t tell the difference between someone who is under the raw power of God, manifesting and exposing the kingdom of darkness and someone who is having orgasm

Check your head FUNKE you need serious examination

We would like to have names or how she came about a scenario where a man and a woman is alone in the toilet or scenario where the GO IS ALONE OR BEHIND CLOSED DOORS WITH ANY WOMAN how much more molesting.  

To sum up this article on your frivolous accusations, I would like to ask how you came about a secrecy document that people are signing before seeing the GO, we challenge you to produce a copy of this document if you are a true child of GOD. 

We also need a name of at least, ONE PERSON that has been sexually molested or harassed during corridor prayers, we are waiting. 

For the video or chats of the person you seem to be talking about we have a slight idea of whom the person might be and the person in question has apologized for her callous behavior and moved on 

Funke, from information we have gathered about you, people have always seen you for the snake that you are, but will always wonder why the GO and his wife, kept taking you back whenever you messed up.

Kindly find a way to put yourself together and return the monies, cars, and furniture and other valuables you absconded with, don’t try to use this social media noise to mask your shame and indebtedness 

I remain FEMI for SAHARA WEEKLY and will keep digging for the truth.

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