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Wednesday, December 8, 2021

BANISHED FOR LIFE! Osun Community, Family after my life for being a gay, Adeyemi, 38, cries out.

Osun State-born young man, Adeyemi Oluwatosin Olasunkanmi, is not in the right frame of mind.

 He had lost everything that he could be proud of and now family, friends, colleagues, and even the entire community has deserted him. 

Adeyemi's ordeal wasn't accidental. 
His only offense was that he is gay, and his family as well as the people of his community decided to seal his fate, referring to him as the biblical prodigal son of the town. 

Narrating his ordeal, the 38 year- old Osun State-born businessman said he was lured to become gay by a Lebanese business colleague who initiated him into the prolonged queer lifestyle and they had, on several occasions had an affair before he returned to Lebanon.  until recently when his parents got to know about his status. 

"One of my business colleagues from Lebanon lured me into it. Whenever we were in  Quarry site, he would invite me to his house and ask me not to go home that I should not bother going home that he would love me to stay with him"

"So one day as we were returning from one of the clubs on the island he pleaded with me to pass the night with him. That was how I knew he was gay and he eventually had an affair with me". 

"For more than five years, I have been enjoying myself with him before he eventually relocated to Lebanon due to the COVID-19 pandemic that had affected the Quarry business. But somehow, recently my parents got to know about this. 

" On that fateful day, we were in my private room having an affair with one of my friends when my father came in and saw us in the mood" 

 He screamed and made out for a knife or something dangerous. And sensing the danger lurking around me, I quickly dashed out of the room and ran for my life. That was how  I left home till date ".

" I have pleaded with my parents to let me live my life as an adult, yet they didn't agree with me and they were hell-bent on killing me saying I was a disgrace not only to the family but to the entire community" 

"All attempts to go back home have been rebuffed. At the moment, the
 situation is now very terrible that my life is in danger because our community leaders are after my life. They said it is against the tradition of the community and my situation should be treated as a deterrent to others. They have made several attempts to silence me and I needed to run for my dear life"

Adeyemi said he didn't regret his actions, but expressed concern that people are deserting him, adding that gays have a very popular club in Ogun state and every part of the country with many of the big men as members. 

"It is sad that many of the people that are supposed to know pretend not to know. Many of the big men in our society now are gays and they live their lives without anybody threatening them. But my case was different and it became the subject because of my background and the community I belong to".

One of the community leaders, pastor Adeola Agbede said being gay is against the doctrine of Christianity and the society at large, and Yoruba as a race will never tolerate such nonsense. 

I think the federal government needs to enact a law against this as it is in developed countries. It is purely a sin against God and the human soul. And such an act is condemnable. "Agbede said.

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