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Saturday, November 20, 2021

Umu Niyyas Disclaims Former Band Member... Says I Am Not In Any Financial Problem, Stop Giving Him Money

Popular Islamic Act, Hajia Aisha Olafimihan aka Umu Niyass has gone public to disclaim one of her band members that have been going around using her name to extort money, especially from her fans.

Umu Niyyas in a post she shared with this medium said, "This is to inform the general public that LATEEF AYINDE ATAKOKO, my former band member is a notorious and hardened criminal. He was discharged from my band some weeks back due to a few nasty reasons which I may be sharing with the public later. 

Lateef who goes by the Facebook ID, Oluomo Ummu Niyass has since then been telling my friends, fans, neighbors, and families all sorts of lies to extort money from them. 

Also, Lateef has gone as far as telling people that I, Ummu Niyass sent him to them to beg for money and that I have one or two problems which I urgently needed money to solve.;

Upon not knowing his relatives, accommodating him in the first place was to protect him from the bad side of society and to help him become a better and useful person. 

I am bringing this out here to let you know that; I did not send him to collect money from anyone, he is no longer my band member and whatever he tells you about needing money is most likely to be untrue.

Also, anyone with useful information about his whereabouts should kindly alert me so that he can be handed over to the law enforcement agency in order to avoid future damages he has caused me.

In a phone conversation, she said, Lateef used to be a fuji musician when I took him in to be leaving with me. His mother is dead and he didn't even know who his father was. He has been going around asking for money in my name and fooling people with stories to get money from them. l would like to use this opportunity to warn the general public that the young man is no longer with me and whoever does any business with him is at his or her peril. She said.

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