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Sunday, November 7, 2021

Shebaby Shares Experience As Asiri Pepe Trends On APATA TV

It was a tough scenario and a serious dilemma when some traditionalist all came out after Seyi Ariyo, a popular Actor and a hip hop musician, having been accused of shooting a movie that wnt against a Yoruba tradition.

A death threat was issued on her with an ultimatum of seven days and this made Shebaby, as she is fondly called ran from post to post seeking help of top monarchs and some notable personalities in the land.

After rain comes sun shine, the movie that caused her much brouhaha, ASIRI PẸPẸ is finally out and currently showing on APATA TV.

It could be recalled that some traditionalist all came out after her immediately a scene from the movie got leaked and went viral on social media.

The said scene was a part where a masquerade slept with a woman and this angered the traditionalist that considered the act as a taboo in Yoruba land to record such in a movie set.

To appease the traditionalist, some top kings in Yoruba land were involved as Shebaby was issued a death threat for acting against the norms of the society.

The embattled Actor in a video posted on one of her social media handles pleaded and state her side of the story with an assurance that she never meant to desecrate the land. ASIRI PEPE is out now on APATA TV on Youtube, and the versatile musician-cum-actor has said the movie is never meant to discredit any of Yoruba cultural belief but rather to project the beautiful traditions of the Yoruba people of south-west Nigeria.


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