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Monday, November 15, 2021

Satguru Maharaj Ji To Sue Operanews; Others If...

"The essence of news reporting is to educate, inform and direct the news consumers (General Public) about the facts and figures relating to a particular situation or events, where we fail to this, we put the mind of the news receiver in disarray or confusion that could consume him as a result."

The above statement was contained in a press release shared with this medium on Monday by the One Love Family Divine Minister for Information, Ojo Mogbadewa and made available to available.

The statements continue, "Based on the aforementioned that One Love Family is asking the following online platforms namely Operanews, NGNews, Gist Master, Naija, Nairaland forum to within 14days put the facts straight.

It would be recalled that the above online platforms emphatically reported on August 19, 2021, alleging the brutal murder along Ibadan-Lagos expressway of one Nigerian Ladi Bolanle Aworetan Omojuwa who resides in London and came home to Nigeria for the burial of her late mother.

The deceased from the account of these online platforms purported that she was murdered by unidentified hoodlums in front of Maharaj Ji Village, The Highest Spiritual Center of the Universe, Ibadan thereby incriminating Maharaj Ji Village for it.

The Toll Gate Division of Nigeria Police Force in whose purvey crime control and combatness rests, revealed that no such incident was either reported or discovered by them from the record of criminal activities at their disposal.

As such, anybody alleging that the said murder happened within the confines of Maharaj Ji Village is not being fair. Rather, he or she wants to rob Peter to pay Paul in what does not concern Maharaj Ji Village or The Great Grand Master, The Oduduwa Incarnate, King of Yoga, The Protector of The Weary, Weak and Strong and the Living Perfect Master of this Age, in any way or form.

Maharaj Ji saves the dying man wherever he maybe within or afar and as such, the deceased death was an attempt to paint Maharaj Ji blue rather than pin-pointing the actual criminals involved in this dastardly act which these reporters must have privy information of the deceased death rather they want to carry out paid job of their Master or sponsors, who have failed in the past to fight the Light.

In view of the damage which this vile propaganda has negatively done to the image of Satguru Maharaj Ji and One Love Family, in the face of the general public, and preventing true seekers of Truth worldwide from using the Holy Name and from attending the ongoing Golden Age Festival 2021, to free the public to make up their minds about Satguru Maharaj Ji, the Golden chance available to move the human race forward from the dreg of horror, terror and endless pogrom we demand a refuttal to be carried out within 14 days specified period else the One Love Family lawyers will be inviting them before a competent court of jurisdiction to explain and prove the facts in issue.

Let us give peace a chance in order to build one United world full of progress, harmony and love.

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