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Sunday, November 28, 2021

Meet model-cum-singer, Annjay as she opens up on her love life... Says, I am in love

She is beautiful, she is gifted, she is bold. Angela Chioma John popularly known as Annjay aka “Dey There Now” is a singer, Songwriter, Model, Media personality, brand Influencer, and Entrepreneur.

Annjay is working on a single with a celebrated producer who has made a lot of top musicians in Nigeria today.

Since she released her first single, Fall in love and Gbkodoro, her music career has not been the same, as she kept getting more fans.

She decided to dump the journalism profession when she couldn't cope with her music and modeling profession alongside.

''Being a model and a singer is an added advantage for me as I got more exposed'' she noted

Annjay says the secret of her healthy lifestyle is to eat right and have a good sleep.

She added that she visits Spa once a month and also has a way of taking care of her skin at home. ''I have some equipment for my facials too''.

For her radiant skin, she hinted that she uses the right products, drink water, and don’t use harsh products on her skin because it’s very dangerous. 

Things she avoids in her diet are eating late, junk foods, and fatty food. She doesn't take an excess soft drink, cold water.

As a model, Annjay said she would never go naked completely.

Her favorite products include Annjay foundation, Annjay Lashes, press powders, Fenty foundation. Bloomingdale.

Her exercise routine is twice a week as she uses Annjay Sexy Shapers weight loss girdles. She likes wearing low-cut, wigs.

Annjay has a great shape and is very passionate about women looking good. Telling us more about this, she said she's the kind of person that doesn’t joke with anything that has to do with her body. I use Annjay sexy shapers ladies' girdle tights, panties, and their waist trainer to control my body. This product is for single ladies, a new mom who wants to remove tummy fat after a child or without childbirth. Annjay products are very affordable and so far we have a lot of feedback on these particular shape wears. It’s for weight loss and management.

On her love life, she confirmed to us that she's in love with a man that cares for her, and the relationship may lead to marriage. ''  I'm in love with a man that cares for me, let's live it at that because I don't like talking about my private life.

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