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Sunday, November 7, 2021

Focus More On Yoruba Unity, Integrity Shun Politics Of Bitterness - OPU Charges S/West Govs

The Asia chapter of the Oodua Progressives Union (OPU)at the weekend charged the southwest governors, traditional rulers, and other stakeholders to focus more on the unity of the Yoruba race and shun politics of bitterness.

The Yoruba Diaspora group gave the charge on Sunday during the maiden edition of the Asia Summit held via online Webinar, with over 900 participants present from all over the world.

The summit was held for more than three hours, with Prof. Oladele Orimoogunje, a Professor of African Studies, Dept. of Linguistics, African and Asian Studies, Faculty of Arts, University of Lagos, as the Guest Lecturer, just as many other social, economic and political analysts in were also in attendance.

 Aareonakakanfo of Yorubaland, Iba Gani Abiodun Ige Adams, who is also the global convener of OPU, said the Summit remains the most viable forum for proper discourse, analysis, saying the group had a record of using the outcome of the summit to set a new policy and direction for the southwest.

He said the present situation in the country can only be salvaged if the southwest governors lay more emphasis on the unity of the entire race rather than politics and power wrestle.

"History has shown that the Yoruba have the best in terms of approach to issues and strategy for achieving the best. We are very articulate in decision-making, and our greatest strength is in being united.

"As good as we are as a race, our greatest undoing is lack of unity in Yorubaland. And we have also lost the integrity test as it was in the past. But the buck stops at the desk of our leaders. If the southwest governors could shun politics of bitterness, unite and drive the vision of the region, I am very sure the Yoruba race will definitely be the leading race in the world.

Iba Adams, however, said the OPU will continue to seek the unity of the race, adding that the Asia summit would come up with positive ideas that would bring about prosperity and solutions to most of the problems we are faced within the southwest.

"The summit was in line with the original plan of our organization.

 The Asia summit of today is also a reflection of our desire to ensure the best for all Yoruba sons and daughters across the globe"

"Today's summit will definitely open a window of opportunities for us

to discuss pertinent issues bordering on the liberation of our race. It will further help us to chart a new course for our organization"

Meanwhile, the guest lecturer, in his lecture titled "The Yorùbá political Endeavours: Quest for Unity and Integrity, said Yoruba must advance the cause of instilling the culture of unity and integrity in whatever they do.

He noted, however, that the present crop of people, especially, the politicians have lost the intrinsic value of integrity.

"With great value of integrity, we can have unity, peace, and tranquility in Yorubaland. We have lost the value of  respect to our elders because we have lost  touch with our culture and tradition in Yorubaland"

"Our politicians today have never subscribed to the value of integrity. In the past, people are elected into political offices because of their integrity. But today, politics is not about integrity, but it is about bargaining.

 "The Yoruba have lost the value of integrity, but we need to change the bad narrative. So that we can regain the glory of the past".

Earlier in his opening remarks, OPU Asia Coordinator, Otunba Ogunbiyi Olamilekan Hamza, applauded the effort of the  OPU global convener, Iba Gani Adams for lifting the spirit of the Yoruba sons and daughters abroad. He said the maiden edition of the OPU Asia Summit would broker peace, and unity and also enhance the knowledge of all members and participants.

"OPU is very lucky and fortunate to have our leader, and convener, Iba Gani Abiodun Ige Adams as the global convener and rallying point of the OPU agenda. Aare's vision is what kept our hope alive. Today, OPU is in 96 countries, we will continue to play our roles in ensuring that the Yoruba race remains the best in the world", he said

In his closing remarks, the OPU Worldwide Deputy Secretary-General, Alhaji Luqman Adedire who is also the Secretary-General OPU Asia Chapter, said the Asia Chapter of the OPU had succeeded in using the Summit to provide the best possible solution to the myriad of problems in Yorubaland, adding that the maiden edition of the Summit would go down in history as one of the most successful outings in the continent.

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