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Thursday, November 18, 2021

Colleagues, Corporate Organizations Hail Saidi Balogun's New Movie, ONLINE As It Goes To Cinema Nov 19

The Executive Spot in Ikoyi witnessed a massive turn up of movers and shakers in the society as Saidi Balogun premiered his new movie, ONLINE in Lagos.

Different Corporate organizations were part of the event as they took a centre stage in supporting the movie premiere as sponsors.  

Besides the corporate organization present, colleagues invited in the make-believe world were all present to show off in good dresses as Saidi Balogun did make the day an avenue for stars to show up their faces in grand style.

As scheduled, the movie premiere took off around 3 pm with most invited guests present including movie stars that were cast in the cinema, amongst them were; Debo Adedayo Mr. Macaroni, Shaffy Bello, Jibola Dabo, Wole Ojo, Emem Ofot, Sani Danga; Woli Arole, Ayo Adesanya, MC Lively, and introducing Memory Eromosele that played the lead role and others.

Another spectacular thing about the movie premiere is the good turnout of Actors that were not part of the production especially Saidi Balogun's colleagues. Those present include the following, Jide Kosoko, Sola Sobowale, Yemi Sodimu, Kunle Hafod, Bukky Apesin, Okiki Afolayan, Binta Ayo Magaji, Laide Bakare, Saidi Muhammed aka Funky Mallam, and many others.

Adron Homes and properties with the following corporate companies were Balogun sponsors of his new movie, they include the following; UBA, Finecoat Paint And Shield Paint, Lagos State, Lords Gin, Lookas Petroleum, Eternal Homes, All Rounder, Bigi Cola, Lassa, Protegold, Malta Guinness, Iyalaje Odua, Choice Chicken, Y'Se Ltd, and others were all around with the visible presence of Adron Homes Boss, Emmanuel King.

Having treated viewers to a good story, a movie review was made and many that watched the movie gave Saidi Balogun kudos and they were quick to say that verily the versatile Actor has really done a rebranding of his status in Nigeria entertainment industry.

During interviews with sponsors that graced the occasion, the simple words many gave was the movie is a replica of what is going on in Nigeria today in terms of insecurity that involves kidnapping, cybercrime, banditry, and others that made the storyline a stand out coupled with A-list actors that featured in the movie and its technical quality as well.

Saidi Balogun in his reaction said all he has to say is give glory to God for the conception of the movie, going to a location for its shooting, its premiere, and finally, it will be in cinemas from tomorrow Friday, November 19, 2021. With these, I give all glory to God for success.

It could be recalled that Saidi Balogun aka Mr. James Bond is well known for great things in the movie industry. His feat over the years doing something new has really given him an edge. 

Coming up with a rebrand of his face and work in the industry, many out there have given kudos to him especially on this new project that was hailed even by his colleagues that supported him with their presence at the premiere.

"ONLINE will do well in cinemas across Nigeria, it is a must-watch movie for the young and the old, even those in government and security agents too. It is a story meant to address vices in society." A top player in the industry said.

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