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Wednesday, October 13, 2021

'High Blood Pressure: The Need To Be More On Zobo Drink'

In a bid to have an improvement in their health condition, people with high blood pressure have been advised to take advantage of quality health benefits Zobo drink has.

Today in Nigeria, Zobo is one of the most popular local drinks that is well seen in cities and local areas. 

It is prepared from dried hibiscus flower and it has very good effect or effects on the health of people who drink it often or regularly especially on their heart by helping to reduce or manage their blood pressure through several mechanisms.

The effect of Zobo drink in reducing blood pressure makes a very beneficial drink for hypertensive people or those who experience high blood pressure.

Zobo as I mentioned above is obtained or prepared using dried hibiscus flower through a series of step-wise process. The hibiscus flower contains vitamin C, some good minerals, and antioxidants.

The vitamin C and antioxidants functions in lowering blood pressure by helping to protect the heart from damage (that is, it has cardioprotective effect) and by helping to prevent the build up of fats in the blood vessels which the heart uses to move blood from the heart to other organs and tissues in the body and back.

When the blood vessels are blocked, the heart will consequently need more force to pump blood through them to other parts of the body and this is what leads to an elevated or increased blood pressure. Hence any substance such as Zobo that has the ability to help prevent the occlusion or blockage of the blood vessels will help manage blood pressure effectively.

This means Zobo is an ideal locally made drink for hypertensive people. In addition to all I've said, I will love to mention something important. Please don't add too much added sugar to your Zobo drink. This is so because excess added sugar can turn out to defy or counter the effect of Zobo on your heart. Incase you don't know, according to American heart association, added sugar is usually converted to low density lipoprotein which is the culprit of blocked blood vessels.

Credit: Opera News

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