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Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Fans React As Esther Igbekele Steps Out With New Look

Different reactions have continued to trail her social media handles having released a new picture of herself in a low cut.
Duchess of gospel music, Esther Igbekele took to her different social media handles to release her new pictures and this has triggered different reaction from fans, friends and followers.

While some are of the notion that being a gospel Act, posting such pictures with nothing on her head does not fit in well for her as a minister of God some were of the opinion that she has not done anything bad.

One of the reactions read thus; “Being one of the most sought after in the gospel genre, a lot is expected of her. Seeing her in a low cut could make many think she is drifting towards the worldly things. Covering one’s head is good for every woman even as an African, let’s leave religion aside.” 

Meanwhile, some believe nothing is wrong having on a low cut especially when she has not gone to the public naked with nothing on her body. Having a different look is part of fashion for women, and Esther Igbekele being a role model to so many has not done anything wrong that could trigger such condemnation.

Esther Igbekele in her reaction when put a call across to her said, "I have been on a low cut for several years. Thanks to the advent and use of wigs to make up for any different look one may desire. I personally cherish going on a low cut but what many don't know is dressing gorgeous and putting on head tie has concealed my low cut from the public glare but those close to me know that this has been my look when I am not dressed for public function. Having a low cut does not mean I am naked! Many people walk free in the street naked, but the picture is just another look of Esther Igbekele on a low cut. 

“I want to appreciate everybody’s reaction towards this new picture, while I will also assure my fans out there, especially those who love to see me dress big for occasion and ministration, I promise nothing will ever change that and to many too that appreciate Esther Igbekele being seen casual with a low cut, once a while, you will see me do so too. Both features are mine. Your Duchess of Gospel Music remains! Irrespective of my look." She concluded.

Here are some fans reactions:
Adenike Odunsi: We're looking at you as a roll model as a gospel musician ma,. This hair is oku di e kato we are following you ma
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Prince Olujide Michael Oyekanmi: Why Nigerians turned Christianity into something else? Those who judge illogically had forgotten that,Jesus doesn't look at your physical world but interested in your inner mind and heart.Don't condemn somebody's outfit because the way Africans practice Christianity is not the way white people that brought the religion relate.
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Rebecca Edvon: Keeping low cut is not a crime you are a gospel singers you are passing to people with your song,but will this that you barb on your hair is agbero hair style people of the world style

Gbemisola SopeinHaahaaaa,Many Nigerians get problem ooooo,Even if Mama cut her hair ,wats your business with her ,I know many people making bad comment about her hair ,if u have the opportunity of where Mama dey today ,we will see wat u guys will do
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