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Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Despite Hate Speach Throws At Me, I Am More Successful Than Them- Bobrisky

Idris Olarenwanju, also known as Bobrisky has sent out a warning note to those who find it exciting to troll him and drop derogatory comments on his Instagram handle.

Fighting and putting trolls in their place has been one job that Bobrisky has perfected. Taking to his Instagram handle, the crossdresser opined that some Nigerians like looking for neighbors that are poor like them instead of appreciating and liking the successful ones.

Bobrisky said he is not the reason for their poverty and so should be left alone to live his life the way he wants. He said failure to adhere to his warnings, will make life harder for them. In quote;

" I know the country is hard but I will make it harder for you on this page. If you're pained that I am successful, go and rest and if you won't and bring that hate to my page, I will make life harder for you"

He told them that their hate did not stop him from driving the 2019 Velar, a GLE AMG-13, buying a house in Lekki, from throwing a party of over 50 million, or even stop him from dating one of their billionaire politicians.

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