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Sunday, October 31, 2021

Cancer: The Separatist That Ends Beautiful Union

May God heal as many that are going through this...

Until you know someone who is battling with these issues, notices like this mean little or nothing to you. In fact, I used to just gloss over or simply not bother to read, till the matter hits CLOSE!

With the side effects of chemo and radiation, you will never be 100% again because your immune system is weak. Ruins marriages, families, and relationships with friends because you're not the same again after cancer and treatments.

In the hardest moments you know who your real friends are or who the people are who appreciate you.

Unfortunately, like with most friendships, Facebook friends will leave you in the middle of a story. They want a post to ′′like′′ for the story, but they don't really read your message when they see it is long.

More than half have stopped reading. Someone may have already gone to the next post in their newsfeed.

I have decided to publish this post in support of close family, friends, and relatives who have battled with this horrible disease.

Now I'm focusing on those who take the time to read this post to the end ... a little test, just to see who reads and who shares without reading.

Cancer is a very aggressive and destructive enemy of our bodies.

Even after treatment, the body is devastated. It's a very long process.

I would like to know who I can count on and who takes the time to read this.

When you have finished this, write ′′Done′′ in the comments.

Sadly, cancer is still the illness of the century. Please, in honour of someone who died, or who is battling cancer. Everyone says, ′′If you need anything, don't hesitate: I'll be there for you.′′ So I'm going to make a bet, without being pessimistic: I know my family and friends will put it on their wall. You just have to copy (not share)!!! It's awareness month for this disease. I did it for someone very very special! We all know someone who stood before us, and who has fought or who is fighting this battle as well as even those we have lost.

Olufemi Iyanda, a Versatile Journalist Writes From UK 


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