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Sunday, October 17, 2021

Abdul-Malik, 13 Year Old Lad Becomes Cynosure Of All Eyes With Bunch Of Talents

His name, Malik Afolabi, a secondary school lad whose passion for the work of art started at a very young age with different talents he is known with today.

Being addressed as a multi talented kid is a well deserved words for young Afolabi who has the followings as gifts from God. He is a pencil art expert, a comedian, an engineer in the making and a whole lot more that have not been put to the public.

The pencil art expert, Abdulmalik Afolabi recently became cynosure of all eyes, as the thirteen years old juvenile dazzled President Ohanaeze Ndigbo Lagos, Chief Solomon Ogbonna Aguene with pencil drawing portrait.

The junior secondary student of Keme Balogun High school, Ikorodu artistically dropped the jaw of the millionaire business tycoon-cum-promoter of African culture and heritage with his strike resemblance portrait during the presentation of the birthday gift sponsored by Rahman and Ojutole media group.

Chief Ogbonna, during his “thank you speech” remarkably commended the young creative artist for a job well done and promised to enlist him in his next exhibition.

In his words he said, “This is a pure talent that needed to be encouraged, Rahman, with the discovery of this young talent, you have given me a work to do because I’m going to proudly include him in my next exhibition because this raw talent shouldn’t be allowed to waste in our community.”

Abdulmalik also got remarkable comments from other chiefs who were present at the presentation held at Ohaneze’s Secretariat office situated in Surulere, Lagos.

Malik, is a student of Keme Balogun Junior college, currently in JSS 3, is a food and health prefect. 

Besides being blessed in the use of pencil to communicate, his comic talent was discovered three years ago after he became major player in a comedy group known as Excusite Entertainment Comedy Group, he was nicknamed as MC Brain, due to his great talent for the craft.

After some time, he decided to do something different from normal comedy this gave birth to another comedy group channel to promote Islam in a comic way and formed a group named Sheu Nla Comedy, with many comedy skits with his crew members.

His passion for pencil art was discovered after his stunning pencil drawing of Late Chief Obafemi Awolowo, the art work generated lot of good comments after it was posted on social media.

His journalist dad, Taofik Afolabi said, “Though, Abdulmalik has a great talent for work of art, but he always said that he would love to be an engineer, and this has shown in his character by fixing up damaged electronic gadgets at home. He once said, ‘Art is just a talent I'm going to be a science student if I get to senior class.’

The young lad has received great supports from his parents who have always encouraged him to build up his talent. Malik is also a fantastic footballer whose passion for greatness grown with him every day.

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  1. He's a multi talented lad.May d Almighty Allah makes d dream comes true Inshall Allah.Kudos to d parents as well.