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Sunday, September 26, 2021

Bola Tinubu Will Make Nigeria Better As President – Ladoja

A Former Governor of Oyo State, Chief Rasheed Adewolu Ladoja has described Asiwaju Bola Tinubu as a good product for presidency come 2023.

In a short interview, the frontline politician in Ibadan explained this:

Question: Given his health, would you advise him to take such a risk?

LADOJA: Are you a doctor? People have been going to London on political pilgrimage to him…Did they come back to report to you that he is not fit? Let me tell you one thing. If Bola feels that his health is not good enough, he will not contest. I know that about him. He wants to give service. He feels he has contributions to make. His lot is not going to be bettered than it is already is. He can feed himself.

Question: What will a Tinubu presidency give to Nigeria and Nigerians?

LADOJA: What did his governorship give to Lagos? He took Lagos from an IGR of less than N1b to what it is today and development also goes with it. He has also been able to streamline the role of the states vis a vis the Federal Government. Do you remember how many months he was denied allocation for local government councils in the states? The councils did not go under. He fought and won. Of course, he did not do it alone. The current vice-president was his Attorney General who was able to fight through the courts to get the victory. So, we can understand that Tinubu will be a law-abiding citizen as president and that is where everything starts.

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