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Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Osun 2022: Emmanuel Sànyà Omirin Gets Nod To Rule

Honourable Emmanuel Sanya Omirin, an astute politician whose quest is to make the lives of his people better by adding values to governance in the state needs to be unveiled to the larger space having done so well, and still crave to do more for his people in Osun and the nation, Nigeria.


As people would soon witness different moves towards political activities in the state, unveiling this perfect gentleman to people of Osun, both at home and those far away, would be a great service to humanity.      


Omirin, having served in different capacities in the politics of Osun State, coming out now to do more for his people would be a great call to mankind. 


Despite his humble background, Sanya Omirin, has been able to carve a niche for himself with a resounding echo of where he came from and the need for him to make life better for his people through representation in a larger space having served in different categories in government.

Being in his mid fifties, the story of this great achiever has been moving from grace to grace with amazing enlargement of coast both seen and unseen, as he touches lives as well.


Owing to his dexterity and nimbleness, Hon. Emmanuel Sanya Omirin had held several sensitive and significant positions and to the Glory of God, he had performed brilliantly and meritoriously well in all the assignments.

He was the Secretary, Atakunmosa East Local Government. Also, he was a powerful Commissioner with Osun State Local Government Service Commission, before he was appointed as a Federal Commissioner with the Revenue Mobilization, allocation and fiscal Commission, where he was the chairman, management committee and later chairman, oil and Gas.


Also, this politician of note was a member of indices committee, disbursement committee and fiscal efficiency committee while at the RMAFC.

Sanya Omirin did not only excel in public service, he has also recorded giant strides, as he made indelible marks and now a formidable force to be reckoned with in private business. He is the Chief Executive Officer of Penny Deriik International Suites.


He is also the Chairman and CEO, Penny Deriik International Nigeria Limited, an Oil and Gas Company. He is also the Chairman/CEO of Penny Deriik Agro Allied Farms LTD.


He has continued to bring to the fore, the idea that leadership is all about service, all about identifying with peoples plights and predicaments, his leadership style is up till today unfathomable to some of his friends and followers, as though he dines with the high and the mighty, but yet find time to converse and blend with lesser mortals.


Sanyals parents were though not materially nor monetarily opulent, however having realized that he who wants to be the captain of his soul must arm himself with the power that education gives, thought it wise to educate their Jewel of inestimable value with their little resources. Sanya went through the normal academic odyssey as other

Nigerians, from Primary to Secondary School and to Tertiary Institutions.


Upon graduation from Secondary School, Sanya sought and gained admission to the prestigious Yaba College of Technology, Lagos. When he graduated from the

Institution, this quintessential young man decided to join politics. According to Mahatman Gandhi, man is the product of his thought, what he thinks, he becomes, Sanya having all along dreamt to occupy the corridor of power and become an organizer of men and resources, started gathering people together and thereby oiling his political machines. His first taste of power was when he was appointed secretary Atakunmosa East Locat Government. He later ventured to lead the council as Chairman, but the attempt failed to materialize.


He however took solace in the words of Richard Nixion who said "it is sad to experience defeat, but the greatest sadness is to travel through life knowing neither victory nor defeat. And so, the struggle continued for the young man. Moved by his amazing loyalty to the party and his leaders despite untold disappointments, Former Governor Olagunsoye Oyinlola decided to appoint Hon. Sanya Omirin as a Commissioner of the Osun State Local Government Service Commission, under the Chairmanship of Major Omotara RTD. This office, Hon. Omirin touched the lives of the down trodden.


At the expiration of his tenure at the Osun State Local Government Service Commission, Hon. Omirin again tested his popularity in Atakunmosa East Local Government, this time he succeeded. And so became the Chairman of the agrarian council Area.


His eventual ascension to office attested to Albert Einstein's postulation that "Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm." It is an unequivocal fact that, Hon. Sanya Omirinls laudable achievements in Atakumosa East Local Government remains unequalled since he left office. lt is on record that the council Area witnessed great and amazing transformation durinG his tenure.

His popularity up till today has continued to spread like wild fire years after he had left office.

Sanya was installed as Otunba Tayese of Iragbiji land by his Royal Majesty Oba Abdul Rasheed Olabomi Aragbiji of Iragbiji, Boripe Local Government.

A man of great native intelligence, Sanya Omirin will always be in the fore front in service to humanity particularly the less privileged masses.

A holder of masters of Business Administration, University of Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State.

His track records of successful services at different spheres where he had found himself at one point or the coupled with his quest to serve have made people crave for his  participation and ascension to the position of the executive governor of the state next year 2022.

Dr. Olusegun Adebara wrote

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