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Sunday, August 29, 2021

I Can't Fight Over A Man It Is Silly...Laide Bakare Reacts!

The past few days have been about the controversial story between two Nollywood actress, Laide Bakare and Kemi Afolabi exchanging words on Instagram precisely on Friday 27th of August 2021. 

Although many didn't know what led to their misunderstanding, but there was a twist to the story as popular controversial blogger Gistlover alleged that the former bestie were fighting over a budding actor who's a younger colleague to the two of them, who goes by the name Dauda Sulaimon popularly known as Gida.

Yesterday, Gistlover alleged that the fall out between Kemi Afolabi and Laide Bakare is the recent closeness of Laide to Gida, a report which can't be confirmed though, meanwhile Laide bakare has denied the ongoing story circulating round the internet.
In a lengthy post on Instagram some hours ago, the beautiful actress denied and distanced herself from such derogatory and defaming story, as she shared group photos of herself and estranged friend, and that of Gida, in her statement, she said she will never stoop so low to fight over a colleague, based on her reputation in the industry.

She further revealed that she has only met Gida on few occasions at movie locations, saying want she did recently was to respond to a female colleague that called her out rudely on social media, stating that the stories of the fight over a man is completely silly.

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