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Thursday, July 22, 2021

Rice Will Go Up To N45,000 In Nigeria- Primate Ayodele

Primate  Elijah Ayodele, The leader of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, has foreseen that the price of imported rice will go up to N45,000 in Nigeria.

The cleric released fresh prophecies and warnings concerning Nigeria and some African countries.

Primate Ayodele revealed that he foresees a border crisis in some African countries which will affect the price of essential commodities among other prophecies.

He made it known that the countries will frown against free trade, and for Nigeria, the price of imported rice will go up to N45,000 due to the border crisis that will come up between the country and Benin Republic.

Primate Ayodele’s prophecies were contained in a statement issued on Wednesday by his Media Office.

According to the clergyman: ‘‘There will be a border crisis in some African countries which the Lord has shown me. Nigeria and the Benin Republic will have issues that will affect free trade between them, it will need the intervention of ECOWAS to be resolved. This will affect commodities and the price of rice will go up to N45, 000. Let the government of these countries settle the crisis as soon as it comes up for the sake of the citizens.

‘’Zambia, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cameroun, Ivory Coast, Cape Verde, Mali, Kenya, Sudan will not allow free trade in their borders. They will have issues with their borders. They need to pray for God’s peace in these countries, I see them in serious crisis.’’

The clergyman also warned the Kenyan Government against unnecessary attacks in the forthcoming election, asking them to pray for God’s intervention in any issue that may want to threaten the security of the country.

He said: ‘’There is an election coming in Kenya. The government should pray against unnecessary attacks that will threaten the country’s security.

‘’William Ruto will do everything to battle Jaramogi Odinga but the latter will use a technicality to battle the former. The election will be tough, let them pray against political assassinations and killings. If Odinga works very well in the northern part, He will get it, if not, give it to Ruto.’’

In Uganda, Primate Ayodele warned President Museveni to work on his military organization because he foresees that they want to intercept his government midway and sign an unnecessary security agreement.

‘’Uganda president must not relax, the opposition wants to make his government ungovernable. He needs to re-organize his military otherwise, they will intercept his government midway. They will sign unnecessary security agreements with some countries. The president will be accused of corruption. He will be betrayed and confusion will rock his cabinet, He needs to be prayerful not to be bereaved. Let him be watchful,” he said.

In Sudan, the prophet gave a prophecy concerning the democratic process, advising the president to be watchful so his plans will not boomerang.

He said: ‘’Sudan will try to make a new government and the present president will want to ensure a democratic government works. He must be careful so it won’t boomerang. Southern Sudan must be careful against attack, the democratic process will continue to face challenges though the MOU will go as agreed. The president must be prayerful and watchful against rebel attacks.’’

Furthermore, Primate Ayodele warned all African countries to be careful with how they ask for support from foreign countries as he foresees the countries taking change of African government technically. He also warned against slavery.

‘’African countries will sell themselves out by asking for foreign support in terms of security and economy. They will use a technicality to rule Africa. I see slavery rising up in some parts of Africa though the international community will fight it, let’s be very careful and watchful.’’

Continuing, the man of God gave more prophecies for other African countries, ECOWAS, African Union and others.

He added: “Burundi, Burkina Faso, Cape Verde must be careful of terrorist attacks. The president of Cape Verde must be very prayerful so that he won’t face a serious crisis.

“Mozambique will have political challenges, they should pray against terrorist attacks. Burkina Faso will have a major terrorist development, they must pray to avert this danger.

“ECOWAS should pray not to lose anyone among their officials

“AU will face challenges, I am seeing a new leader for AU. They must pray not to lose the Prime Minister, deputy prime minister, president and vice president.

“The Benin republic president will not go for a second term. There will be a major crisis in the country which the president must be careful with so it won’t escalate. They should pray against unnecessary killings.

“Chad President must be wary of unexpected attacks and must be careful. They want to attack him regarding the transitional government

“The South African president will have a tough time going for a second term, it will be very difficult for him.

“There will be problems between the ruling party and opposition in Rwanda, the president will face a major confusion, they will make a big effort for the economic survival but the president’s effort will not be appreciated, let them pray against explosion.”

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