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Friday, July 30, 2021

Huspuppi’s Trial: Kyari's Gra-Gra Response...He Should Have Sought For An American Lawyer

I have read DCP Abba Kyari’s defense of allegations levelled against him warranting issuance of a court order by a US court mandating the FBI to arrest him.

I have also read the FBI report detailing the relationship between DCP Abba Kyari and Ramon Abbas HushPuppi.

In my usual discerning mind, the ‘super cop’ should have requested a sound US lawyer’s advice or exercise restraint before issuing the statement released on his Facebook page upon HushPuppi’s recanting knowing the thorough and clinical nature of investigation by the American security agencies.

Kyari’s statement was at best hasty, tawdry and damagingly ineffectual against the FBI report.

As a layman, two issues in DCP Abba Kyari’s account contradicts his hasty statement.

1. After ascertaining the fact that Vincent was innocent of allegations levelled by Abbas, shouldn’t he have invited HUSHPUPPI for misleading the Police with false information?

2. With clear conscience and knowing the Police were misled, shouldn’t he have cut off further communication with his ‘friend’ when he further requested a connect with his personal tailor? Why allowing his office be used as as delivery point for someone who once falsely instigated arrest of another criminal partner?

One thing is clear, the submission by DCP Abba Kyari lost traction with the subject matter before the FBI and would be difficult to redeem or explain away going forward. It is therefore needless to juxtapose between the performance of the ‘super cop’ and the emerging connivance or relationship with international criminal suspects especially given Mr. HushPuppi’s network/ notoriety with BEC and other scam related crimes committed serially over a long period of time. 

Nigerians love to celebrate criminals who flaunt money here and abroad without critically interrogating how they came about their illicit wealth. Again, it exposes the unprofessional conduct of the ‘best of the best’ in our security system, the very reason corruption is elevated and protected in high places.

I wish Abba Kyari gets over this and thoughtfully clear his name given his great and heroic exploits in the Police.

Whichever way it ends, DCP Abba Kyari has been partly demonized and his integrity badly countered on the job. Only the ‘ Nigerian factor’ can wash him clean of this established association with HushPuppi.

The US investigative system has shown us that we are still way behind in identifying criminals with high network contacts in high places. HushPuppi and his likes will almost always, certainly, exploit the weak system and enjoy ingloriously, the immortality that pervades the power corridor in escaping the justice system in Nigeria.

I pray Kyari survive this self imposed setback.

Dada is a former NANS President and Public Affairs Analyst, writes from Abuja.

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