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Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Baba Ijesha Finally Speaks...As Other Facts Emerges In Court

Comedienne-cum-actress, Damilola Adekoya a.k.a Princess has narrated how she baited actor, Olanrewaju ‘Baba Ijesha’ Omiyinka before reportedly catching him allegedly molesting his minor foster daughter on CCTV. 

Princess who gave an eyewitness account in court on Tuesday July 27 after a CCTV footage she submitted was admitted as evidence on Monday July 28, said she invited Baba Ijesha to her house for a script conference after planting a CCTV. 

She said; “The CCTV man, Mr. Brown set up the CCTV in the house. He owns a surveillance company. I don’t know the name, I only know Mr. Brown. I didn’t know the make of the CCTV camera used.

“Immediately I moved to the house, my landlord advised me to put a CCTV in the house, after asking for the price, I felt it was too high.

“Then on Monday 19th April 2021, I invited Baba Ijesha to my house for a script conference, which he did. Unknown to him there were CCTV planted in my house.”

When Princess was asked why she left the foster daughter with Baba Ijesha despite the prior allegation, she said; 

“The initial plan was to confront him but in the process I knew it could get violent, the installation was to capture if the scene would get violent.

“I did not believe he (Baba Ijesha) would repeat the same function now that she is grown.”
Meanwhile, during cross examination it was established that the said minor had once been molested at two different occasions by Princess' gateman with the name Okele and a neighbor, Adekola. 
Baba Ijesha on his way home after court proceedings thanked all his supporters and seek more for their prayers as the case continues.
Her younger sister, Ewatomi Ayeni in her words said, "We believe so much in God, that truth shall come to the open and at the end of the day we would have cause to celebrate. Now, it's obvious the case is taking shape, Princess has presented her evidence, the supposedly victim too and her biological parents were in court as well. So, having heard from the plaintiff and the defendant, the judge will decide and we are all looking on to God, the best Judge."

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