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Sunday, June 27, 2021

'Vertigo Africa, taking music to the next level'

Vertigo Africa is the new and trending destination for music fans and Artist. The company recently opened their headquarters in Lagos, yet they highlight music from all over the continent. Then it is  shared via their multi-patented technology, with the Global community. In a recent interview the CEO stated “ There is so much music talent in Africa. Our goal is to provide a means to share this with the world. “

Vertigo Africa is one of the few Apps that allow music and socialization legally.  Also, Vertigo Africa is the only platform that combines Spotify an Apple Music users together for a massively rewarding social experience. As a user you have your own personal profile page where you can post pictures, videos as well as host live events throughout the world with your friends and followers.

Aside from users socializing with one another, many of the continents leading music artist are quickly onboarding. On the platform each performer has their own unique Artist lounge. In the Artist lounges they interact with their fans personally for live interviews, song releases listening parties and exclusive mini-performances.

Vertigo Africa is truly the next revolution in music and socialization. Any Phone without Vertigo Africa is like life without pleasure.

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Facebook  facebook.com/vertigoafricalive



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