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Thursday, January 3, 2019


Abiola Saheed
He is young and business conscious with a heart of Gold. Engineer Dr. Arowolo Abiola Saheed is a broadcaster that has carved a niche for himself. Taking up hospitality business in a different dimension has made him more established in his new found and love and the whole of Igbogbo Bayeku area of Lagos now experience a new touch in hospitality.
The secret of his success so far has been shared with us in this interview. Excerpts:
Who is Arowolo Abiola Saheed?
My name is Engineer Dr Arowolo Abiola Saheed a.k.a Asoju ijoba Nigeria; this means, Government Representative of Nigeria.
I am into building engineering and interior decoration; I am a specialist, I do more of foreign jobs, Professionally, I have been on the job for almost 15 years. I have top people as clients and my penchant passion for broadcasting has driven me to so many other ways I could be of great benefit to mankind.  

My sojourn in hospitality business came when I thought of how we can harness mutual relationship between celebrities and their fans. That has been made possible here at Ambassador Villa because we have a special day for celebrities and their teeming fans; to come together to fraternize. Ambassador Villa is situated at Bayeku, Igbogbo Bayeku area of Ikorodu in Lagos.
What makes Ambassador Villa different?
Here at Ambassador Villa, we have got 24 hours power supply, customer’s care is sacrosanct and part of what we consider paramount is availability of adequate power supply. We have solar energy in place with two stand-by diesel generator and the usual electricity from government.  
Our motto here is serving customers better than others around.
Also, we have a regular sound system for music lovers; our guest here would have access to different kind of music without a dull moment. Also, our rooms are of international standard with functional air-condition with adequate access to affordable meal and drinks.  
There is available free Wi-Fi for all customers to get connected to people around and those close and faraway. A swimming pool; adequate security, that includes CCTV camera with proper monitoring. All these and many more are what we have at Ambassador Villa here in Bayeku, Igbogbo Bayeku of Ikorodu, Lagos.

Besides hotel business, what other things do you do?
I am into radio and television presentation. Also, I have an NGO where we bless people; we reach out to the less privilege, we also organize empowerment programs for people with the aim of making the society better for all.
Part of the NGO’s job is providing scholarship to students and providing succor to the needy in the society.
We engage in different things to make Nigeria a better country for everyone.
I have my program on the following radio stations; Radio Lagos, Oodua FM in Ile Ife; Amuludun FM in Ibadan.
The program is tagged Asoju Ijoba; meaning government representative; we represent the government before the citizens; we also serve as people’s mouth-piece before the government.
We educate people on governmental projects and policies and on the part of the government we are always there to remind them of their electoral promises through our program.

What makes Ambassador Villa thrives than others?
We engaged in different activities on daily basis, this has really helped us in getting more customers because people would always go to where they could get value for their money and that is our joker here; we make sure people get great value for their money.
How did you achieve that?
Activities at Ambassador Villa start on Tuesday, we call it Celebrity Day, we organize a special birthday bash for celebrities with their fans present with lots of enjoyment 
Wednesday is Lady’s night; Thursday is always our Pool Party, where we celebrate at the pool side with lots of fun.
Friday always come in a special way with more fun and night clubbing but in a moderate way. We make sure there is always a Celebrity present at our Friday’s party.

On Saturday we organize a food competition, we bring people together to compete and whoever wins gets a prize.
On Sunday, we organize business seminar for people, we bring experts that lecture people on how they can grow their business. These and many more are what made Ambassador Villa different from others.
We have an event centre here where we do our things; at Ambassador Villa, there is always something great for our customers and everything is done moderately; so that lodgers in our hotel would be able to enjoy themselves.

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